29 November 2007

Madeline McCann - Portuguese police

Police believe a series of reported sightings of Madeleine are part of a deliberate campaign to 'bring down' their investigation, it was claimed yesterday.

A source told the Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas: "None of the reports indicating sightings of the McCanns' daughter have been confirmed.

"Somebody is trying to draw attention away from what really happened that night. There are those who want to bring down an investigation that has been carried out honestly and rigorously."

Police have faced criticism that they have not investigated sightings all over the world, including in Bosnia, Morocco, Belgium and Malta.

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Paulo Rebelo who is head of the investigation into missing Madeline has stated that the series of reported sightings that have emerged recently are part of a deliberate campaign to bring down his investigation and draw attention away from what really happened on the night Madeline was abducted.

Would Paulo Rebelo like to tell us what did really happen then on the night Madeline was abducted because at the moment there are 3 arguido's and numerous Portuguese police accounts coming from the top echelons of the Portuguese police as to what did happen.

Lets face it, they have not got a clue as to what happened that night because they have not looked at the facts properly other than inconclusive DNA that was transferred from the McCann family when moving Madeline's belongings, and it is easier to blame the parents, say Madeline is dead, close the case and then go home, back to their 3 hour wine lunches without the worlds media watching them.

Sound like a similar case?

He says that none of the sights of Madeline McCann have been confirmed; whys that dim wit?

Maybe because your officers are so incompetent that they have not got off of their fat butts to go and check them out and the reliability of them, no they would prefer to sit having 3 hour wine lunches accusing Mr & Mrs McCann.

If they did do their jobs properly then a different picture might emerge.

Did this witness catch a potential intruder in Madeline's apartment 6 months prior to Madeline going missing and was it logged with the holiday complex and the Portuguese police? I doubt the Portuguese police logged it to be honest but you never know 'miracles' do happen.

Did Jane Tanner see someone walking off down the road with a little child in their arms or is she lying to help cover up the death of Madeline and perverting the course of justice which carries a hefty prison sentence in a Portuguese hell hole?

Is this witness a reliable witness and did someone fitting Murat's German girlfriend's description enter the holiday complex and knock on her door preaching her Jehovah's witness faith accompanied by a man?

If you answer yes to each of the above then you have to seriously look into the other sightings and in which direction does the light then shine.

Oh yes; your chief arguido Robert Murat and his German girlfriend!

This information has only come into the public domain because the Portuguese police have totally ignored it, the McCann family have publicly stated that they are very careful about what gets released into the public domain because they are not stupid, they know any mistake could endanger Madeline's life, but if the Portuguese police who are heading up this investigation are not going to look into these witnesses and their statements then who is? No one because it is against Portuguese law, so the innocent defenceless 4 year old child Madeline McCann is at the mercy of the Portuguese police who will not do their jobs properly.

Either I am right about what is written here or I am wrong - You be the judge of that.

Lionheart SAOTK

P.S One more question; Has anyone checked Portuguese police records to see how many more unsolved missing children there has been over the last 1 - 2 years in the Algarve?

Could be very telling.

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