19 November 2007

Perverse Police complaints

Ofcom - The British people's 'sane' media life-line.

Channel 4 produced the infamous "Under cover Mosque" documentary that exposed the total and utter hatred that British born Moslems have towards British non-Moslems, towards British soldiers and their ultimate aim towards our Country that is being preached in Mosques within Britain that are led by Saudi Arabian, Wahbi trained Moslem preachers.

The Documentary can be viewed here: Shame on the British Government

The evidence of their words is there for all to see and could not be clearer, take a look at this disgusting despicable film footage for yourself and then realise what is happening in the Islamic community next to yours that you know nothing about.

Those captured preaching in this video which included a Moslem school teacher should have been arrested, imprisoned and removed from their positions within their Islamic communities after the evidence was captured -
Nothing has happened to any of them!

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain then complained to the West Midlands police about the Channel 4 documentary and the police then turned on Channel 4 seeking to bring charges against them for breaching 'community cohesion'.

If 'community cohesion' means saying nothing when your neighbour talks about killing you and glorifies in the killing of others, then is that not a little one sided and suicidal?

Let the British born Moslems kill us and take our country over just to toe the 'Loony Labour' political line of 'community cohesion' while our innocent non-Moslem communities are besieged by these warmongering Jihadi Moslems who are intent on nothing less than enforcing Islamic dominance and sharia law upon us and our children.

Who ever was in charge of the West Midlands police investigation into Channel 4 should be sacked immediately!

How can we find out the name of the chief investigating officer because he/she is definitely not fit for office?

Those captured on video should have been arrested for many crimes under British law including incitement to commit treason, incitement to commit murder and glorifying the murder of British soldiers yet they all got off scot free with the police then wanting to bring charges against the documentary makers - You work that one out - Thankfully Ofcom did and called the police's complaints 'perverse' and is the reason why the officer whose name is on the investigation sheet should be sacked.

I expect the officer in charge is a Moslem though and is the reason why his/her investigation into this extremely serious affair against British society was one sided.

What does this say to the British public?

Daily Mail:
Media watchdog Ofcom has rejected complaints by West Midlands Police about a Channel 4 undercover programme that exposed extremism in British mosques.

The programme, called Undercover Mosque, was part of its current affairs Dispatches series and was broadcast in January. It featured TV footage of an Islamic preacher praising the death of a British soldier.

Police claimed that the programme had misrepresented the views of Muslim preachers and clerics with misleading editing.

Following the ruling, the broadcaster called the police's actions "perverse" and said they had, in some people's eyes, given "legitimacy to people preaching a message of hate."

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The Timesonline:
Ofcom rejected the 364 viewers’ complaints it received after the programme was broadcast, which it said appeared to be part of a campaign. An official complaint from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which claimed it had been treated unfairly in the programme, was also rejected.

Police initially launched an investigation into whether criminal offences had been committed at the mosques and other organisations featured in the programme.

They then said that it considered offences may have been committed by those involved in the production and broadcast of the programme, specifically in stirring up racial hatred.

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