21 November 2007

Treason - Lock this Enemy combatant up!

First posted 15/10/07

Anjem Choudry - U.K Public Enemy No.1

Al Qaeda's British born leader

(Exclusive pictures of our Queen below this post)

Why is this Al Qaeda recruiter, radicaliser, hate filled preacher and traitor to the people of Great Britian still walking our streets to continue his path of war and hate against us and amongst us?

He uses our civilized laws as a weapon of War against us, why else is he still walking our streets when this is the way he and his large group of Moslem followers that are surrounding him think about us?

Listen to his words "One day you will conquer Rome", those words will now carry through the ages and when Choudry has long since departed to be with his 72 Virgins, his followers will listen to his words for them to continue their war against us - That is his intention isnt it with those words?

What does that mean to every single Catholic living around the World because if the Islamic World conquers Rome as Anjem Choudry is shouting and encouraging them to do, then they conquer you!

You and your children then become their spoils of War "War booty" and Anjem Choudry is the one who is openly calling for this 'War' upon our streets, calling for the overthrown and conquest of Rome.

We are all in this together!

Anjem Choudry makes murderous threats towards me 'personally' and to every other critic of Islam's Jihad against me and my children and you and your children.

He makes those same murderous threats towards the Pope to encourage some maniac Moslem somewhere to kill those who oppose 'Jihad' (Holy War).

We will not buckle and we will not bow - Our God is a God of Love and their god is a god of Hate - The Light will always prevail over darkness.

I put a challenge out to Anjem Choudry but he has declined, so I will wait for his replacement because this man is on borrowed time and should not be walking our innocent streets - That is the price of treason.

Your time upon our streets is up, you have served your 'purpose', we all now know you and your Moslem followers intentions towards us so it is time that you leave us so that we can have some peace from your violence and war.

You threaten the human rights of every single non-Moslem British citizen in Great Britain - People should be protected from the likes of you and if they are not, what does this say about the state of our Country and about those who are employed to protect us?

The threats in just this one video clip that has been aired around the World are very clear to me, yet our Government have allowed you to continue your path of War against us upon our streets - Madness

These words of Anjem Choudry will carry through time, imagine 20 years from now when the World looks alot different to what it does now, what will those words that were shouted out freely upon the streets of London and captured on video mean to the Islamic army who are still seeking to conquer Rome if they have not already?

Anjem Choudry the immortal voice of the Jihad.

What does the Catholic Church say about this mans intentions towards Rome?

UPDATE: Pre 9/11 - U.S.A you will pay!

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David John Bolton said...

Hi Lionheart,

Our monarchy and our Queen deserve so much more respect.
Some argue, and as a Christian-Zionist you may find this interesting, that her throne is a continuation of the Davidic throne of ancient Israel.

Clear history is a re-requisite for true identity. I recommend the following links for further and accesible study on this:



Blessings in Christ from a church-planting pioneering Brit in Belgium!

Unknown said...

The fact that he is allowed to spew his vitriol is the fault of this government.
How much more does he have to say and how much more does he have to incite hatred of us and our way of life until something is done?

Anonymous said...

When patriots take the law into their own hands, they spinelss government will only have themselves to blame. But they will still blame someone else.

Anonymous said...

Brits have always been slow to anger, but when push comes ever closer to shove, Radical Islamists had better watch out.

The same goes for the generally warm-hearted & tolerant Americans who are also getting fed up with vile, humiliating & downright bloodthirsty Islamic propaganda, brainwashing, imperialistic plots & terror acts.

The same goes for Israelis who've been putting up with much worse for nearly 100 years in so-called 'palestine' (originally Judea/Israel & Israel again today). Israelis eventually learnt to fight back - & are now being criticized, even demonized, for it by certain parties allied with the Imperialist-Islamists - but have still not reached the limit of their tolerance.

But that day will come - and when we & all other 'infidels' face the Islamo-Nazis at the Final Battle, they will feel the fury of our vengeance. See the following few examples of what awaits the world at the End of Days, & especially the fate of the Islamists and their allies: Ezekiel 39:1-29; Ezekiel 38:1-23; Zechariah :1-17;
Zechariah 12:1-14;Zecharia 14:12;
Isaiah 34:1-12;Zephania 2:514,etc.

But when the Bad Times end, the Good Times will begin for the survivors under the rule of the Messiah from Jerusalem:
Zecharia 14:16-19;Zecharia 2:11;
Isaiah 35:1-10; Isaiah 61:4-9;
Joel 3:1-21, etc., etc.

May God Protect & Bless us all.

Jewish Lady

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the scriptures Jewish lady, the truth to life is contained in God's word, its just people choose not to look.

The Alpha and Omega.

God bless you


Lionheart said...

Let us hope and pray ilana that these people who have nothing but hatred and war aimed at us are removed for the safety and preservation of our society.

Why he is still walking our streets is anyones guess.

God bless

Lionheart said...

Good to see you back Urban II, Our government will end up arresting us and allow the Jihadis to continue, that is the lunacy in the modern asylum that we are now living in.

To be born British was at one time a blessing, it has now become a curse, and who are the ones growing up into this cursed society brought on by our modern leaders?

Our Children!

How can those in positions of power allow this to happen to us all and our way of life?


Fire Base America said...

I agree with everyone. The patriots will wind up having to rise up and set things right again. Initially, of course the 'hateful whites' will be taken away, but once the pandora's box is open, the police will be unable to arrest the majority of the population.

Here in the US, many of us believe there is going to be a flash point. Not just necessarily a terrorist attack either, but an incident that will finally bring Americans into violence.

I guarantee you when the bodies of dead mexicans, i.e. hispanics, and muslims start turning up in the streets, alleys, and empty fields, the gov't will finally act.

But, how many will have to die when that happens? Then everyone will say, "if only the gov't had done something,anything,bloodshed could have been avoided." But, will the politicians take the blame? Not!!

Anonymous said...

The British Empire helped these peoples grand-fathers get out of their despot-ruled past into the modern world which they enjoy using so much.
The Queen's government gave their fathers the right of abode in Britain and gave them British passports.
Now the sons and daughters of these fortunates have turned upon the people of Britain and want to destroy that Freedom that they have enjoyed and now despise.
It is not for us to turn and give up our freedom, but to stand with our Queen and those of our politicians that have not been corrupted by the Socialist/Marxist dream that has failed everywhere in the world that it took root.
Patriots everywhere will rise up when the time is right, just as they always have.
Our history is that of the brave warrior, both willing and unwilling, but always ready to do their duty and stand by rightness and righteousness.
God save the Queen and her heirs.
God lead them to foresee their destiny.