5 November 2007

Al Qaeda terror 'grooming' British children

Daily Mail:
Al Qaeda is deliberately "grooming" children and young people to carry out terror attacks in Britain, the head of MI5 warned today.

In his first public speech since becoming director-general in April, Jonathan Evans said the security service was facing "the most immediate and acute peacetime threat" in its 98-year history.

Addressing a Society of Editors Conference in Manchester, he said the number of individuals in Britain identified by MI5 as having links with terrorism had risen from 1,600 last year to at least 2,000.

And he said they suspected there could be a similar number again who they did not know about.

Mr Evans warned they were part of a "deliberate campaign" being waged against Britain by al Qaida - which was extending its tentacles across the Middle East and Africa.

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Al Qaeda grooming children


Anonymous said...

When they "talk" about homegrown terrorist are they refering to white english people or immigrants to your country?

Lionheart said...

Those who have been privilaged enough to have been born into my country.


They use our education system, our healthcare system, every aspect of our British society and then they commit acts of war against the hand that has fed and nurtured them.


Anonymous said...

That's what I was afraid of, traitors among us and from own loins, that should all be rounded up and shot as the traitors they are, both in your country and mine...JMHO

Anonymous said...

Para ver otra visiĆ³n
Aprenda como defender a su hijo del "grooming"