6 November 2007

Mega Mosque Campaigner threatened

How predictable is the death threat that has now been issued against Alan Craig and his family by Islamists who are seeking the building of a Mega Mosque in the 'Heart of London' the Capital City of this our Christian homeland.

Build it and the people of England burn it!

funny how it comes several days after the King of Saudi Arabia's visit!

If they want war with the people of Great Britain then can we not let them have it? (just my thoughts)

Why should innocent people be forced to live in fear in their own country because of the violent wing of Islam?

Islam has many parts and they all go to make the whole body - the Ummah - so when you hear them saying "We are peaceful, we dont agree" remember that they are a part of the same body (Islam) just with a different function, a little like your nose and your ears.

Cowards is the only word that can be used for these people threatening innocent people and their families, I have put personal challenges out to these Moslem's yet they decline because they now what would happen when confronted with the truth - Whatever that truth contains.

I hope your happy Ken Livingstone because you are as much the enemy to the people of Great Britain as those who threaten Mr. Craig.

The people of Great Britain eagerly await the stamping out of the 'fires of Jihad' upon British soil!

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.


Daily Mail:
Target: Alan craig with his wife SallyA leading opponent of plans to build Europe's largest mosque in east London has seen a chilling "obituary" for him posted on the internet.

The film on video-sharing website YouTube is entitled In memory of Councillor Alan Craig and contains pictures of him with his wife and two young daughters.

It was apparently posted in retaliation for his opposition to the mosque.

Continue reading: Mega Mosque threat


Anonymous said...

If this man should be hurt, they will have shot themselves in the foot, and will pay dearly.\
What did you say,-- "..a little like your nose and your ears." ?
Arse n'elbow morelike.

Anonymous said...

Come on you West Ham supporters, what have you got to say. Don't leave it to this brave ol boy on his own.
Now the truth is out we can expect to see interest grow apace.

Anonymous said...

What about doing a bit of 'tit for tat' on those death threats being sent by agents of the hordes of Islamic extremist invaders and 'settlers' in the British Isles?
Maybe they should get a taste of their own venom? You know, feeling a bit of trepidation when hurrying down a darkened street all by themselves.
Worrying about the safety of their families.
Pondering on what could be their fate should the sleeping British Lion (who they, at the moment, in their arrogance openly disdain as a mere scaredy pussy-cat to be humbled, harassed, threatened and physically assaulted - even murdered - at will) really wake up! And if, or rather when, he finally does, to find that, wow, they really have something to worry about now that the sleeping Lion has been aroused from his over-long snooze.
Remember what a Japanese general, who opposed plans to start hostilities against America, said after the attack on Pearl Harbor? Roughly, it went something like this" Alas, we have awoken a sleeping tiger, a very risky & foolish step." How right he was.

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

The Lion is awake anonymous lady, just caged at this moment int time, waiting for the gate keeper with the keys to the kingdom to come along and open the gate.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lady

07-Nov-2007 15:24:00 " Alas, we have awoken a sleeping tiger, a very risky & foolish step."

From Wikipedia it is alleged to have been written in his diary by Admiral Yamamoto as "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.", referring to the United States of America, whose peoples' character he knew well from the time he spent there before WWII, and whose public and leaders he knew would be outraged by a sneak attack without declaration of war.

Contrast this with the half-hearted, 'one-hand-tied-behind-our-backs' response of our Cultural Marxist establishment, who while charged with defending us have instead bent over backwards to "understand" the rage of the Islamists who will stop at nothing to impose their medieval theocracy on the West.