30 November 2007

No evidence against Murat's girlfriend

Portuguese police have said that their is no evidence against Robert Murat's girlfriend over the abduction of Madeline McCann.

They have handed back her computer and diary stating that there is nothing in them linking her to Madeline's abduction.

"Come on" as if she is going to of run home and have emailed all her family to tell them the good news that she has just kidnapped Madeline McCann or to put a for sale sign up on ebay for the world to see.

Who is stupid enough to have written anything about Madeline's abduction on their computer if they were involved?

Oh yes, is it true that Murat's computer had mention of an English girl on it?

Also they have returned her diary because this contained nothing, again who would be stupid enough to write in their diary - Today I kidnapped Madeline.

Are we meant to believe this rubbish from the Portuguese police?

Is there not a bit more detective work needed to rule her out completely other than her computer and diary, considering there is alot of circumstantial evidence pointing her way?

Daily Mail:
Police have handed Michaela Walczuch her diary and computers back after finding nothing in them linking her to Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Detectives had seized the items from the German girlfriend of official suspect Robert Murat after interviewing her as a witness.

But last night it was reported they had returned them all, giving her further ammunition to claim she has been the victim of a dirty tricks campaign.

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