25 November 2007

Moslems in Luton where I live

Please take a read of these few short articles regarding Pakistani Moslems in Luton where I live, that I have been writing about for almost a year and who have threatened my life.

Article 1:
Manslaughter quartet jailed

Article 2: Guard faces rape retrial

Article 3: Cannabis accused

Article 4:
Identity theft from the dead

Further reading: Holy War - Al Qaeda's Luton & Dunstable War Front

Further reading:
Documentary Makers - Where are you?

And Jack Straw says that allowing 70 million more of Turkish origin to have unrestricted access is a good thing, go read about what Dar -al Harb and Dar al-Islam means within Islamic teaching and the Moslem psyche towards us and our country that this creates.

Further reading:
The Agenda of Islam

But we all must be silent for the sake of 'Loony Labour's' community cohesion policy.

If anyone has a link with a good exposition of this please can you leave in my comments section for those who want to know the truth.

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