25 November 2007

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

90% of the Heroin on the streets of Great Britain comes from Afghanistan through Pakistan and ends up on our streets, it is then distributed by the Pakistani Moslem community living here. It is controlled in Afghanistan by the Taliban and Al Qaeda and funds their global Holy War against us the non-Moslems.

This extremely deadly and destructive commodity is being used as a weapon of war against our society by British born Moslems, Al Qaeda's British General Diren Barot who is now serving 30 years for his part in planned bombing campaigns against mainland Britain outlined the armies of Jihad to use street drugs as a 'weapon of war' under the banner 'chemical warfare'.

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Take a read of this shocking article below with accompanying picture of the consequences of the epidemic of Heroin upon our streets and then watch the short video.

If you have a young son or daughter growing up in today's society then this is one of the biggest threats facing their future because of our so called peaceful neighbours.

But we cannot say anything through fear of arrest and imprisonment because of 'Loony Labours' community cohesion policy - STUFF YOUR POLICY!!!

Sunday Mail .co.uk:
Exclusive Heroin's Child: Shock Images Of A Lost Innocence

A COMATOSE heroin addict sprawls in a school doorway with a needle by his side - as his toddler daughter cuddles him in a pitiful bid to stay warm.

Just 10ft away, the man's six month-old baby daughter cries hysterically with no cover on her pram.

The shocking pictures illustrate the grim reality behind damning statistics that show 120,000 children are living with addict parents.

Children's charities last night described the images as "appalling and frightening".

And Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill said: "This shows the extent of the problem that drugs cause in our communities. When a wee toddler is discovered in circumstances like that, it is just so shocking.

Continue reading:
Heroin Hell Of 120,000 Children

Heroin - The inside story


Anonymous said...

To think that there are many Socialist NU Labour lovvies who are advocating the free availability of heroin. They must be out of their tiny minds.
Just today, I saw a group of neighbors shouting "junky bastards, come down here" and many more choice phrases, at a household of junkies playing music so loud and making such a nuisance of themselves.
Time the police went after the importers, oh I forgot, they dare not upset them, just in case they get hurt feelings. When was the last time we saw the police actually busting someone at the top of the chain?
They do themselves no honor by cravenly capitulating, especially as they know where these people are.

Lionheart said...

Exactly - Arrest the poor minions at the bottom who have no choice but to sell the drugs because of their own depraved addiction to hearin, and on the Police Score sheet it looks good which is a bonus for the superiors scared about the government reports.

The Al Qaeda Untouchables at the top sit back laughing while our communities burn with deranged addcits beating, killing and stabbing innocent people in their need for their next fix.

Anarchy and who wants to endanger their lives to prevent this anarchy?

The darkness covers our tiny land with burqa wearing beard growing Moslems swaggering around their new Kingdom, while the innocent peaceful peasants cower in fear while their democratically elected government sell them out to the NWO.

What does the future hold?