24 November 2007

Dumb and Dumber

Robert Murat has a text book alibi on the night Madeline McCann was abducted from his mother who says that they were both in all night talking in the kitchen.

I wonder how old Mr Murat's mother is because most elderly people I have ever known go to bed earlier than most and get up earlier than most, so was there a window of opportunity.

Or is his mother sticking to her story believing his innocence, she couldn't really change it now could she?

Is it true that Mr Murat's alibi conflicted with his mothers to start with until they both agreed on the kitchen story?

Mr Murat's girlfriend Michaela Walczuch has now been placed in the frame of being involved in the abduction too, 6 months on a witness has come forward to say that he saw Mrs. Walczuch in a hire car handing a small child over to a man in a van.

Mrs Walczuch said that she was at a Jehovah's witness prayer meeting on the night of the abduction but it seems that her text book alibi of where she was on the night of Madeline's abduction has fallen apart because the congregation at the Jehovah's witness church say she was no longer a member of their congregation so she could not have been there on the night when she said she was.

Did Mrs Walczuch panic and make up her alibi without thinking on the sper of the moment like what many criminals do, only for their alibi's to fall apart when investigated.

There is never a perfect crime, mistakes are always made its just how big are those mistakes and can those who are looking see the mistakes to piece together the truth.

Let us hope and pray that more mistakes are made or that the ones already made come to light so that those looking can piece together the truth.

There are many many links to the chain of Madeline's abduction and all it takes is one of those links to break and come forward for the good of themselves, for Madeline and the McCann family.

Full article: Alibi of Murat's girlfriend falls apart

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