1 November 2007

This is how the 'Luton Moslem' thinks

Reply to a post: Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection

Words censored in the interest of Christian respectability.

"now u see u muderfukerz r sik perverted white c***s who need to get ot more n stop livin in ur fantasy wrld was wrng wid us pakistani muslims iz it coz we have the wealth and the power to govern you and your precious lil fukin country greed is what this is all about we own 95% of all retail outlets in luton dunstable and surrounding areas it took us 20 years n we r da muderfukin bomb rite bout now uv ad dis country all ur lives n aint did shit wid it u monkey nut likin c***s shud be gratefull dat we put luton on da map n made it look good n who blessed u mr lionheart coz it wont jesus i think sum batty man anal raped u n now u think jesus blessed u wid his mighty n powerfull seamen stick f****n c**k munchers gonna disrespect us wo own u u bitches work 4 us u can run bt u cant hide yall av a good nw peace out"

Just remember Mr. Anonymous 'coward' Pakistani Moslem, there are laws in place preventing me or anyone else like me from vigilante (paramilitary) behaviour, so once again you are able to hide behind the British Legal system to carry on your Moslem degradation and destruction of the community where I live, but please remember, you and your Moslem brothers who read my blog that you are outnumbered 100 to 1, so as you walk the streets thinking you own them with the intention of taking my country over, just remember that you do not know where the retaliation is going to come from and by who (just my thoughts), because people are sick to death of your Pakistani Moslem filth and degradation and it is only a matter of time until the bowl overflows and the wrath is unleashed, never to be quenched till those from amongst you who want War with the people of Great Britain have been removed from our society for the protection of the weak, innocent and vulnerable, hopefully to be with your 72 virgins then the good decent hard working British tax payer will not have to pay your bed and board in Belmarsh.

The clock ticks!

You and your brothers unleashed your Moslem bowl against innocent British people on 7/7 and attempted to unleash more with the 'Fertiliser plot' which was smashed by our security services under 'operation crevice', so in my reckoning your time is long over due, with you and each Jihadi amongst you now living on borrowed time, the only difference being is that it will not be 'innocent people' that receive the righteous anger bowl from the British people like what you did on 7/7, because innocent people do not agree with your terrorism and Heroin dealing, it will be those from amongst you who are guilty of
treason and war against Great Britain, so send this to each and everyone of you who knows me and reads my blog, I am just a voice of truth in this modern crazy world that your Moslem people have created.

Sleep tight...

All those people who read my blog who are disgusted about what the Pakistani Moslem's are doing and have done to Great Britain, keep an eye out for this book -
War of the Web - because there is going to be an extended chapter about the goings on in Luton England - Home to the planning and facilitation of Al Qaeda's declaration of War against Great Britain on 7/7.

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In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah



Yehudi said...

That was rather intense...great blog here! I've enjoyed reading through the various posts...keep up the great work!
L'Shalom, Yehudi

Lionheart said...

Thanks Yehudi, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Posts like that should give you heart the idiot cannot even command the English language let alone take over anywhere. Uneducated idiots like that will be treated as cannon fodder even for their own people - bring it on

Anonymous said...

those fools can't even run their own country they think because they can run a kebab shop they can take over the world !!!!

Anonymous said...

We wont be able to buy a kebab if we offend our overlords!
I submit O camel featured one!

Conversely, I may just run over the illiterate lowlife scrotes windpipe.

Robert the Biker

Anonymous said...

As I may have pointed out before, the great British people are slow to anger, being basically kind-hearted and tolerant. But when push comes to shove, or worse, & they find themselves with their backs against the wall, watch out enemies of Britain.

This will be especially true for those enemies living in Britain, a country which welcomed them & their hordes, offered them Rights and Freedoms they had never even heard of before let alone experienced plus every opportunity to improve themselves, including financially.

Having exploited such gifts to the full, how can so many turn around & with hate & ingratitude bite the hand which made them so welcome?

Hitler also despised the British (amongst others...!), boasting that they would never oppose him, let alone declare war or be capable of fighting even if war broke out. Why? Because he considered the British a weak, appeasing and 'degenerate' people.

But he was soon to eat his words when Britain, albeit reluctantly, declared war. He began eating his words in earnest when Britain's few courageous and inexperienced young pilots shocked the core out of him and his arrogant Luftwaffe, with their spectacular performance in the skies over the English Channel in the Battle of Britain.

Islamic fanatics, there is still time for you to get out of Britain if you hate your host country, its native people and its traditions, so much. Why do you stay when your beloved native countries with the traditions, religion, language you so love, are there for you to return to?

Remember my words, you may be in for the surprise of your lives when British patience finally dissipates?

Anonymous said...

"Why do you stay when your beloved native countries with the traditions, religion, language you so love, are there for you to return to?"

Certain organisms have evolved that cannot of themselves exist except in certain colonies, as I remember from biology classes, depending on the victim host, just look at horse-flies, or sheep-ticks, or leeches in the natural world to understand this.
Cut off from food-product sucked from the host, these creatures have no future. Such is nature.
Britains' may have forgotten their true origin but as Hitler found out, it doesn't pay to mess with the British, for something of that invincible wrath lies dormant in every soul, but for the poisonous traitors of the Communist/Nu-Stalinist ilk such as the Liberal/Socialist phalanx of pandering toady lickspittle a...-wipers.

Anonymous said...

HI GUYS, PLEASE READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY: I am also asian & from Luton, those that think they own luton are crooks & criminals, my bogus pakistani brothers, and I agree with the White fellas and their comments, 100 to 1, slow to anger, tolerant etc...Luton is a shithole & its like that cos of my scumbag brothers doing their crap everywhere...But Guys, just live in peace with one another, smile at one another & remember that the few idiots that are causing hatred and the only few, most others live in peace & mutual respect....peace guys