3 November 2007

Madeline McCann Update

That £1 + Million Reward has definitely got to be motivation enough for people to supply the information for Madeline to be recovered. If Madeline is still alive and still living somewhere in our World then somebody somewhere knows something and all it takes is for that one person to step forward and do the right thing so that this scared young child can gone back home to her family and recover from her 6 months in captivity away from her family, and then enjoy the rest of her life that God has given to her.

My prayer is that you Almighty God will bear down upon that one person who holds the key, let your light shine upon them and lead those 'good people' who are searching for the key, to that light.

In Jesus name - Amen

Let us hope that this has turned into a kidnapped child scenario and not something else, the question is; how do the captors transfer Madeline for the £1.5 Million that is on offer for her to be returned?

The most important issue has got to be the safe return of Madeline and nothing else, and who ever returns her or is forced to give the police the information they need should get that money even if they were involved because that is what it was put up for - The return of Madeline - and nothing should stand in the way of her return.

Immunity for that one person who does the right thing - The sacrifice for Madeline's return.

The global spotlight has now come down upon this trade in young Western children in this corner of the world after the search for Madeline and in the process of that search the recovery of a young American child who had also been kidnapped from those she loved and then found in Morocco - The Horn of the Modern day slave trade in children.

You dread to think of how many more children are out there in our world today who have also been kidnapped from their families and forced into such horror.

If this evidence -
DNA 'does prove her body was in McCanns' hire car' - is true about the McCann family then they should be arrested about a dead Madeline being in the boot of their car, if not they should not be looked at as suspects.

If the DNA evidence that they say they have shows that a dead Madeline was carried in the boot of their car then why are people still looking? If they have that type of evidence and it is 100% certain then is the truth not staring everyone in the face? If not the family should be left in peace to find their daughter because she is alive somewhere and wants to be back with her family.

I dont know, but the truth to this situation is somewhere.

Daily Mail:
Detectives from the Metodo 3 investigating team - the Spanish private detective agency hired at great expense by the McCanns to trace their daughter - claim they were phoned by a schools inspector from Karia, who said he had potentially crucial information.

He told them he had seen Madeleine, and his story is said to be backed up by several others.

The trail to Karia began a month ago when Naoual Malhi, a Spanish woman of Moroccan origin, claimed she saw a child with a striking resemblance to Madeleine in the Moroccan coastal resort of Findeq.

She sought the help of a police chief she knew in Fes, and thousands of posters of Madeleine were distributed in the area, urging people to contact Metodo 3 investigator Antonio Jiminez with any information.

As a result, Mrs Malhi says Mr Jiminez was contacted by the education inspector from Karia who told how a child with a striking resemblance to Madeleine had been seen in the town.

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