16 November 2007

Pre 9/11 - U.S.A you will pay!

That was the title of a 'Fatwa' issued by Anjem Choudry before 9/11.

Anjem Choudry is the heir of the military wing of Islam within Great Britain now that Omar Bakri has been expelled, Abu Izzadeen arrested awaiting sentance and Abu Hamza imprisoned awaiting deportation to the U.S.

Al-Muhajiroun is an affiliated group to Al Qaeda and is linked to every single suicide bombing carried out by British Moslems around the World -
Al-Muhajiroun links to murder.

This gives you an understanding of the nature of this group and the
intentions of those involved in it especially its leaders as they are the ones who command their Moslem followers to recruit, radicalise, train and raise funds for the global Jihad (Holy War) against you and me the infidels (non-believers).

Due to the threat that this group eventually posed not just to the
International community but to the National Security of Great Britain, our 'Loony Labour Government' were forced to take their head out of the sand and do something about them so banned the group and then buried their heads back in the sand hoping these nasty people would go away.

They have not!

Any sane person presented with the evidence would have arrested each and every leader or instigator and imprisoned them for being a threat to the National Security of the State, but no, not this 'Loony Labour Government', they banned the 'title' of the group (Al-Muhajiroun) and left its leaders to disperse back into society to continue their path of War and Hate against us, to continue playing their part in the Global Jihad just under a different banner.

Omar Bakri still preaches to this group of Moslem's within Britain over the internet, so the murderous war mongering problem has not gone away it has just changed its approach of radicalising, recruiting and raising funds for the global jihad, and the new British figure head Anjem Choudry is still in place even though there is plenty of evidence to prove that he is a threat to the National Security of Great Britain, him and his co-conspirators just ply their Islamic warmongering trade under a different banner.

You have got to be utterly stupid and mentally ill to think that banning the name of this group is going to change this man and the groups followers ideals and objectives.

So the question has got to be; why is this Moslem still free to roam our innocent streets when his aims and objectives are war, hate and conquest against us and our innocent children?

Does this 'Loony Labour Government' not have a duty to the innocent British public and to the Security of the Nation to arrest and imprison such men? or is this 'Loony Labour Government' so past the point of sanity that they just do not care anymore about Great Britain, all they care about is their big fat pay checks at the end of the month and their
unlimited expenses accounts paid for by the good honest decent hard working tax payer?

Your guess on that one is as good as mine.

I imagine that MI5, MI6 and Special Branch have plenty of evidence to prove the threat that this man poses to not just Great Britain but also to the International community so why is he still free to continue playing his part in the Global Jihad?

You can say he is free so he can be watched, but while he is free the ranks of his personal Islamic army are being filled by the day, so what would you prefer a bigger murderous Islamic civil army to contend with or to watch how many friends he has?

Is it not about time he was removed from society for the preservation of Law & Order?

This man is not only a factual proven threat to the National Security of Great Britain he is also a factual proven threat to the International community and helps keep the title 'hub for International Islamic terror' well and truly alive over London.

If this 'Loony Labour Government' is not going to remove this man for the safety and security of Great Britain then who is going to?

Fatwa and Video courtesy of: Glen Jenvey

Here is a copy of the Fatwa issued by Anjem Choudry to his Moslem followers calling them to support the Global Jihad and threatening the U.S.A with attacks pre 9/11 -
You will pay!

Does America not want another trophy to add to their collection?

On another note, Nick Griffin who is the leader of a legal British political party was hauled before a court twice with the threat of 7 years imprisonment if convicted and all for saying that Islam was a wicked and vile religion - You tell me if you can rationalise that one?

Moslems preaching war and hate are free to continue that path and threaten the National Security of the Nation and a political opponent is dragged before a court with the prospect of a heavy prison sentence for saying two words of truth - Third World TYRANNY in a supposed 21st Century Democracy and all supported by the ignorant British sheep people who have no clue as to what horror is unfolding around them on a daily basis within their society.


Anonymous said...

A chap called Brian Gerrish, who has spoken up about Common Purpose, recons the looney labs are letting the muzzies run riot in order to cause civil unrest which will enable them to bring in more sweeping powers so that they can exert total controle over us plebs.
He could be right.

Lionheart said...

"Blowback" i think the American term is for when you use these for your own purposes and it back fires.

Us plebs will be the ones picking up the pieces and holding those responsible to account.

Anonymous said...

Urbi et orbi. if only the idiots were that clever.
They like to think they are, but we can guarantee, that whatever great5 scheme they have cooking, it will all go pear-shaped>