19 November 2007

Madeline McCann - My view

Those people who follow my blog will know that I have written several posts on the missing child Madeline McCann, and it is my personal belief that she will be found and re-united with her family, and I know that that belief is the same as the detective agency Metodo 3 as reported in the press.

I personally believe that the word of this agency is to be listened to and believed far above the word of the Portuguese police for a number of reasons, one of those reasons to base that assumption on is from the Director of Metodo 3 Francisco Marco who has said; "
Our staff interviewed the McCanns for 10 hours - enough time for us to tell if they were trying to fool us," he said. "My specialists assure me they are not hiding anything. I would not risk the prestige this agency has gained over 23 years without being convinced there is a case.

The other reason being that there is a witness who saw a child being carried away by a man on the exact same evening, at the exact same location and at the exact same time that Madeline was kidnapped.

The witness is one of the Tapas 9 which would cause some concerns if there was a cover up of Madeline's murder by her parents but you have to ask yourself the question; if one of your friends had murdered their child and they came up to you and asked would you help cover that murder up, what would your answer be? Would you risk your whole life and go to prison as an accessory to murder on behalf of your friends?

I definitely wouldn't, I dont know about you, so this to me in my mind above everything else says that Madeline was kidnapped - FACT

So why would the Portuguese Police want to frame the parents?

We know that the Portuguese police are incompetent and inept in their duties as we can see from the abhorrent way they treated the crime scene. They walked through smoking, flicking ash everywhere, they never sealed of the scene and they never sent off the bedding for DNA - Incompetent - FACT

What is the biggest industry in that part of Portugal? - Tourism

Who is going to want to go on holiday with their children to Portugal if they are at risk of being kidnapped? No one - FACT

Blame the parents for murder even though there is no body, everyone will think this is a case of murder and the suspicion will hang over the parents, the tourism industry will go back to normal because no one will believe that there are child kidnappers plying their trade in Portugal because the Police will have done such a good job of laying blame at the feet of the parents.

Sweeping the heinous dirt under the carpet of reality.

The disgraced ex-Portuguese Chief investigator who was the one heading up the case is being prosecuted for forcing a confession out of a Portuguese lady whose daughter was kidnapped in similar circumstances and who is now serving 16 years for murder even though no body was found - FACT

Does that sound like a similar scenario? FACT

Frame the parents, sweep it under the carpet and then get on with life as normal - Portuguese policing at its best

Portuguese policing is like 18th century British policing, they get a hunch and then throw their full weight behind that hunch until the person on the receiving end of that weight buckles and gives in to that over powering force - Does this go on? FACT

The Portuguese police have tried saying that the Tapas 9 have a code of silence, do you really think that 9 people with respected careers would cover up the murder of a child and risk everything including going to prison?

Then the Portuguese police have said that the Mr & Mrs McCann knew Murat, the chief suspect.

Excuse me Mr Murat I know we have only known you a few days since being in Portugal but we have just killed our little girl and will you help us dispose of her body?

Cant see that one either can you?

The McCann family had only been on holiday a few days and the police believe that they killed their daughter and then disposed of her body.

With the whole of that area of Portugal looking for missing Madeline how is someone who does not know the area supposed to hide a body from everyone and then a few days later go back and get the body and dispose of it somewhere else - Bit risky don't you think? and where on earth would you hide a dead body without anyone seeing you within the space of a short while in an area you do not know?

Maybe its just me who thinks that blaming the parents is a red herring and an easy way out for the Portuguese police.

Here in the UK we don't have international gangs of child kidnappers who steal children to order so our Policing mentality does not understand the nature of this trade because it is an alien trade. We understand paedophile gangs and the like but not the international trade in children, international trade in Eastern European women yes, but not your innocent next door neighbour being abducted and exported to North Africa by slave gangs.

There is so much disinformation being released in the press that it is hard to see the truth through the lies so we are left thinking it was the parents and if Madeline is never found then the blame and suspicion will rest at their feet forever.

If the Portuguese police had all of this DNA evidence why have the McCann's and the remaining Tapas 7 not been charged with Madeline's murder?

Cant have that much DNA can they?

Mr & Mrs McCann are as guilty as the rest of the Tapas 9 for leaving their children at home alone that night, its just that they are the unfortunate ones who paid the ultimate price for their mistake.

Someone knew Madeline was in that room alone, and in my mind I would say that an employee working that night or a predator outside watching the complex, but how would a predator ever imagine that children would be left alone at night in their apartment in that complex so as to watch for the right moment to pounce, unless by chance they noticed on their daily walk, or it was a common occurrence and someone told them as such from inside knowledge.

It is a fact that Madeline is missing and it is a fact that someone was leaving the scene with a child wrapped up in a blanket.

Madeline was not killed by her parents she was snatched and in my view she is still alive and it is only a matter of time now until the bridge is gaped and she is given back - There is a massive reward for the person/persons who make that happen, even if they were involved - We all make mistakes that we later regret and God is 'able and just' to forgive those mistakes - Look at the McCanns as your example.

For whatever reason Madeline was taken it does not matter, as soon as the media spotlight shone she became a highly prized asset or a dangerous liability to those that had her - 1.5 million to anyone is a highly prized asset dont you think.

The question is; how do they now trade her back for the money?

Madeline was worthless as a child to sell because of 'the mark of Madeline', how many children do you know with any such mark? Its not very easy to disguise is it when its staring you in the face when you look at her.
Almighty God knew exactly what was going to happen to Madeline McCann before she entered this world and he gave her a mark to set her apart because He knew exactly what He was doing. Her with that mark made her useless to her captors for their original plans which they could not have planned for, but in the same instance 1.5 million reward was then placed on her head and changed their initial plans which could quite possibly have saved her from any harm at all in any form - Jeremiah 1: 4 - 5

You don't slice up the 'Mona lisa' when you are selling it do you?

I personally believe that God has a higher purpose and deeper meaning to this whole situation and is the reason why certain things have happened.

Was it by chance there was a witness that saw someone walking off with her?

Was it by chance that this little girl who has been kidnapped has this mark in her eye?

Is it by chance that her family are devout believers in Almighty God.

People will say why does God allow this then, the answer is that this happens down here on Earth because of the evil in mankind, and if it was not Madeline it would have been someone else, and someone else's child.

Through this situation her family have not given up hope and trust in Almighty God, faith and trust in the Living God that I personally believe He will honour - How could He not?

Then through it all the deeper meaning will be revealed, already there is an American child who has been found, the spotlight has now come on upon this trade in this corner of the world and there is much more that we don't know about that has come to light -
Romans 8:28

During the course of the search for Madeline a bag containing certain pieces of evidence which has shown positive DNA links to Madeline has been recovered at the side of the road in Portugal.

You have to ask the question; why would the Portuguese police pick up a bag at the side of the road and think it had any link to this case and then test it for DNA?

Would someone not have had to have told the investigating team that there was a bag at a specific location and that this bag contained proof that they were the ones holding Madeline?

Why else check a bag of rubbish at the side of the road for Madeline's DNA?

If this bag is true because there are so many lies surrounding this case then this is proof that someone has her and that they are willing to trade her back, why else provide evidence?

The Director of Metodo 3 has publicly stated that Madeline is alive and that they are close to finding her, a new witness has now come forward who has placed the chief suspects girlfriend in possession of a child who she was transferring into the hands of another man who looked like Madeline.

The net has now covered the culprits and it is just a matter of time until Madeline is re-united with her family.

The question is; how do those who have her trade her without getting caught?

Father I pray that you will give those involved in the negotiation of bringing Madeline home the wisdom they need in the situation to make the transfer of this little girl happen, I pray that you will continue to keep her safe from harm and that you will assign your Angels to guard her. I pray that you Almighty God will will move upon this situation and give those who are looking the information that they are looking for and for those that are holding her the courage to make the steps needed to bridge the gap.

I pray that you Father will bring this situation to its conclusion.

In Jesus name Amen.

When you look at the whole picture of this case look at it with the knowledge that there is a massive case of paedophilic activity concerning kidnapping poor Portuguese children that reaches into the top echelons of the Portuguese Government, Judiciary, Police and Society - FACT

So who are the ones who do not want this child found because of what it proves?

May your strength and power protect Madeline Father.

Lionheart SAOTK


Berita dari gunung said...

a girl lost. yes, painfull. may god bless us all.

Anonymous said...

sadder then sad is this story...but why now after all these months is the Father saying he thught the back area of their apartment was unsafe....all the more reason they shoudl never have left those babies alone.

Anonymous said...

May dearest little Madeleine not only be alive and soon returned to her parents, but may she be returned well and unharmed, very much unharmed.
Anonymous Lady