8 November 2007

Is this what our Country has come to?

Our Fathers and Grandfathers fought during the Second World War for their women and children back home, now look at what is happening to their legacy and their children!!!

British women being subjegated in their own land by foreign invaders.

This is one more case of how far down the pecking order the innocent British heirs of this land have fallen and is an utter disgrace.

A poor young lady is on the verge of losing everything she has spent her whole life building and possibly becoming destitute and all because she hurt the feelings of a poor Moslem girl who would not work without wearing a head scarf.

I dont believe it says anywhere in the Koran that it is an obligation for Moslem women to wear headscarfs, it is a political statement against us the Kaffirs that can be used against us to subjegate and dominate us - Exactly like this siutation shows.

Our Loony Labour government even pass these laws for the foreign invaders against British subjects that force us into this situation - Submission

DISGRACE - No surrender!

This lady has every right to refuse to employ a Moslem woman if she refuses to take of her head scarf if it is bad for her hairdressing business, it is like telling someone your selling them a mercedes car when your selling them a motorbike - Not good business practice is it?

How many times are the British people's feelings hurt and we just sit back and take it?

Who is the candidate for London Mayor because this young lady needs your support.

Daily Mail:
The owner of an "alternative" London hair salon is being sued for religious discrimination after refusing to give a job to a Muslim woman who wanted to wear a headscarf at work.

Sarah Desrosiers, whose Wedge salon specialises in "urban funky" cuts, says she turned down applicant Bushra Noah because she was "selling image" and needed her staff to display their hairstyles to the public.

Ms Noah, 19, is claiming religious discrimination and suing Ms Desrosiers for more than £15,000 for injury to her feelings, as well as an unspecified sum for lost earnings.

Ms Desrosiers, 32, who set up her business in King's Cross 18 months ago, has already spent more than £1,000 fighting the case and says that if she loses she will be forced to close.

She denies any discrimination and says she rejected Ms Noah because she was unwilling to show her hair at work.

Continue reading: Hairdresser sued for religious discrimination


Always On Watch said...

From the news article:

"I sell image - it's very important - and I would expect a hair stylist to display her hair because I need people to be drawn in off the street," said Ms Desrosiers.

"It's the nature and style of my salon that brings people in and someone having their hair covered conflicts with that. If someone came in wearing a baseball hat or a cowboy hat I'd tell them to take it off while they're working. To me, it's absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist's hair."

That position is perfectly reasonable. I don't know of a single hair-dressing salon which doesn't have the operators flaunting beautiful hair styles.

Besides, having a bad hair day doesn't apply to women wearing a hijab. Could ruin the hair-dressing business if women could just don a hijab for those days.

Why would a Muslima enter the hair style business in the first place?

Lionheart said...

Its ludicrous dont you think?

Yet this poor lady has now been pushed into this corner, it is utter madness yet we in Britain are being faced with it on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...


Let's make it a religious requirement that all our employees consume meat product of our choice before they commence work. Then maybe we could sue them for humiliation if they fail to comply.

But the reality is these laws only seem bo cut one way.