22 November 2007

Dont believe it

Portugal's top law officer has publicly stated that if Madeline was kidnapped then her kidnapper's would have killed her by now.

Atleast he admits that someone could have kidnapped her, and that blaming the parents might be a mistake.

A witness saw somebody walking away with a child wrapped up in clothes that were the same colour as Madeline's, at the exact location and exact time that she went missing so which scenario do you want to believe based on the facts?

The question you have to ask is; how many Portuguese children are kidnapped from this area of Portugal every year?

A trade in human children is a trade that British people have no comprehension of because it doesn't happen in Britain, we have different things happen to our children, not that they get kidnapped and sold into slavery.

The initial kidnappers made a big mistake kidnapping a Western child and if they have traded her on to another gang then they will be found out because they are an expendable commodity to those at the top who now have Madeline and I pray that Almighty God will expose you, the weak link in everyones chain it might even be best if one of you stepped forward and spoke the truth..

The Portuguese police probably know exactly what is going on in this area but have no way of stopping it so it is easier to pretend that it is not happening rather than admitting it and scaring away the biggest business on the Algarve - Tourism.

Its not hard for professional gangs to steal children under the noses of an incompetent outdated police force is it, and who knows whether the gangs have people on the inside considering it has already come to light that children have been kidnapped for paedophilic gangs that reach into the top echelons of Portuguese society.

Read what this top law man says about the Portuguese police in his own words, one of the things he states is that he assumes there are officers who are working outside of the law.

We know for a fact that the original chief investigator is being prosecuted for forcing a confession out of a Portuguese lady who had her child stolen in exactly the same way, probably because she caused to loud a commotion about her child going missing - They had to silence her somehow!

God would not let the kidnappers kill her even if they wanted too, He is all powerful and can prevent things from happening, the question now is; how does God lead those searching for Madeline to her and how does He make those that are holding her step forward to trade her for the reward money?

1.5 million is a hefty price tag for the little girl and that money goes to the people who hand her back no matter who they are and the part they played, getting Madeline back is the family and the reward money investors only concern.

How much is a Madeline McCann worth on the open market considering she is the most high profile child in the World and she has one of the most distinctive eye's in the World - Worthless

If you was a farmer would you kill your prized bull and earn nothing or take it to the market and sell it for the highest price?

Why kill your most prized possession when if done right it could net you 1.5 million?

Wait for the dust to settle and then negotiate (just my thoughts).

If you stole the Mona Lisa you would not offer it on the open market immediately, you would wait for the dust to settle and then work out the best approach to sell without getting caught and you definitely would not slice it up or burn it because what is your most prized possession worth to you then?


The first people the McCann family turned to when her child was taken was their local Priest, for those of us who have faith it is comforting to turn to God in our deepest and darkest of times, and our spiritual leaders are our Fathers who help in that process as we seek God for answers, you really think that Almighty God would allow harm to come to this child?

This has happened and it is now a matter of getting her back without giving up and writing the situation off as if she is dead.

There is 1.1 million in the find Madeline pot which has been raised and given as a resource to find Madeline, the search is far from over.

My prayer is that those who have her will prove they have her unless they already have and we just don't know about it - Metodo 3 know whether they have or they haven't and they are 100% sure she is still alive.

Where does that kind of assurety come from?

Daily Mail:
Portugal's top law officer has made an astonishingly brutal assessment of the chances of Madeleine McCann being alive by claiming: "If she was kidnapped, it's natural her abductor has already killed her."

Police have already admitted they think Madeleine is dead if her parents were involved in her disappearance.

In a thinly-veiled attack on Gerry and Kate McCann, Attorney General Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro claimed the huge publicity surrounding the case would have turned Madeleine into a liability if she had been abducted.

He said: "There's a greater possibility of the girl being dead than being alive."

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Kidnapper has probably killed Madeleine


Anonymous said...

I too believe they would have killed her due to this unprecedented media coverage. How could they possibly chance holding on to her !!!

Lionheart said...

Because she is worth 1.5 million

Would you throw away 1.5 million?

The media coverage has kept her alive and unharmed in my opinion.

These arent car thieves with a stolen car, these are professional criminals living in lawless territory, how hard is it to stash a child deep in the unknown somewhere in Morocco or the heart of Africa where there is no international T.V's

These are criminals and think like criminals, why risk everything with no payday at the end of it all?

Those that have her hidden have nearly almost zilch chance of getting caught at this present time so wait it out and then trade her because there are people willing to pay to have her back.

If there was no media coverage then she would be just another missing child never to see the light of day again, forgotten to the world.

If pushed though or those that took her are close to getting caught then they will kill her and it will never be proved because there will be no evidence.

Better to lose 1.5 million than to go to prison for the rest of your life.