16 November 2007

HRH Prince of Wales & The Holy Land question

The mainstream media are reporting on Prince Charles' invitation to the Holy Land from the Israeli Government and the leaked emails from the aides surrounding him about the trip.

It's no wonder Prince Charles does not have the right view of the real world outside of his castle walls when he surrounds himself with Loony Left Wing racist bigots who cause him to make bad choices and decisions over his Royal affairs.

Not only is our Country being run by these treasonous traitors but the Monarchy has them infested deep within their walls guiding the ruling Royal Monarchy.

Let us hope and pray that Prince Charles stands his ground and makes his own decision over whether he should travel to the Holy Land or not considering he could be King of England soon.

Look at the history of the Kings of England and the Holy Land, how could Prince Charles throw away such an invitation to forge links with this special and unique Land and its people, even though his modern day consorts have no understanding about the special relationship during many centuries between the Kings and Queen's of England and the Holy Land.

Our Patron Saint 'St George' is buried there.

A trip to the Holy Land to experience the wealth of great history that this land contains would definitely mark a positive start to his future Kingship and show Almighty God his heart to lead his people as he embarks upon his 'divine' duties.

We all pass judgement, me included for which I apologise, but we must hope and pray for the best, with the future confirming or denying our thoughts on this our future King and then the rest is in God's hands.

Now is the time for HRH Prince Charles to make a stand in honour of the past and for the sake of the future.

Daily Mail:
Prince Charles could be heading for a diplomatic row with Israel after leaked emails written by his senior aides appeared to make disparaging comments about the country.

Sir Michael Peat, the Prince's principal private secretary and his deputy Clive Alderton had both received invitations from the Israeli Embassy in London for a four-day visit as guests of the Israeli parliament.

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HRH Prince Charles & The Holy Land


Obob said...

I was under a funny impression these people had diplomatic skills. My middle school students are better at passing notes than these buffoons.
It is convetional wisdom a great leader surrounds himself with great minds. Pince Charles has failed to take heed to this advice. His circle of friends appears to be inept and do lack the historical awareness you mention.

Anonymous said...

We had a visit from Prince Edward some months' ago, and he was very pleasant & made a good impression.

So if Brinse Jarles ibn Windsore doesn't want to pollute himself stepping on God's Own Country soil, let him stay in Fuckingham Falace with all his fellow royals who seem to enjoy oral sex with their valets.

If we've survived numerous wars & endless Terrorism which the Arabs have inflicted upon us for nearly 100 years & if we've survived the daily Kassams on our southern towns & kibbutzim and Katyushas on our northern towns and villages, we'll surely survive without HRH condescendingly treading on our Holy Land.
Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Too true Anonymous lady but from an English perspective it would be good to know that our future King would travel to the Holy land in respect of the past and for the sake of the future.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Drat, anon Lady, you've heard about the valets!

Anonymous said...

Oh, hrh chas....It was YOU? Wow, who would have guessed it....No wonder Diana fled.
Disappointed,but not really shocked,

Anonymous Lady