28 November 2007

Nato & Youtube

Nato have finally seen the light and realised that the 'world wide web' is as important in the hands of the global Jihadi's as their AK47's

Take a look at this short video clip which includes a short interview with Mr Glen Jenvey who has been working for many years now at the forefront of the War on the Web.

CNN - Nato & The Web

Glen Jenvey, Jonathan Galt and others successfully used the internet to ensnare Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Abu Izzadeen and many other international Jihadi's who are intent on all out Holy War against our societies.

Video's on Al Qaeda's No1 recruiter and radicaliser -
Anjem Choudry - that Glen Jenvey has obtained to come soon.

You can read all about Glen Jenvey's intelligence work through the internet in his book -
War of the Web

God bless you Mr Jenvey

Lionheart of England

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