23 November 2007

The Threat to Our Future - Jack Straw

Jack Straw - "The West & Islam can live together"

This has not been the case since the 7th Century when Mohamed birthed the Religion upon the Earth so whats changed now?

The only way The West and Islam can live side by side is if we take second class citizen status under Islamic dominance and until that happens the Islamic Kingdom must conduct Jihad to achieve that ultimate goal no matter how long it takes, why do you think we have Moslem terrorists amongst us training for Holy War and blowing up trains and buses?

It is an abomination within Islam for Moslem's to be ruled over by non-Moslems, so why does Jack Straw think it is a good thing to open up the front door of the United Kingdom to the Islamic guerrilla army of Turkey?

Oh yes 'Loony Labour' think they can create a 'British Islamic religion'.

Do you think they can?

Do you want to risk your children's future's on that question because once this man and his protege the mentally unstable David Miliband get their own way there will be no turning back, the irreversible damage will have been done and it will be the next generation of British citizens, our children who will face the consequences of this mans actions.

But hey, he and his fellow 'Loony Labour' politicians are in power over the running of our Nation so what can we do to change the decisions and actions he and his co-horts make on our behalf?

"One of the most significant threats faced today by civilised nations comes from the barbarism of international terrorism, from a violent and misguided ideology that seeks to drive a wedge between Western and Islamic cultures, and to resurrect a bloody past long since buried.

Jack Straw the religious authority on Islam and Jihad - 'misguided ideology' - obviously he does not watch the news from around the Islamic world or read the fatwa's issued by Islamic religious scholars aimed at the infidels, you and me the non-Moslem's. Yet we poor British peasants have to listen to his words as if he knows what he is talking about and if we disagree with the gospel according to Jack Straw we are racist and Islamaphobic.

The most recent European Commission assessment, published earlier this month, said Turkey's failure to end torture, improve minority rights or guarantee freedom of expression were significant stumbling blocks to EU membership.

"Cases of torture and ill-treatment are still being reported, especially during arrest and outside detention centres," the report added.

Obviously Jack Straw never read what the EU commission had to say about Turkey. We gave up torture and barbarism over 100 years ago and now this man says its a good thing to have it bred back into our society for our children to have to deal with.

Seems to me that he is backing the other 'Loony Labour' traitor David Miliband, he probably set the ball in motion and his protege is helping fulfil their 'Loony Labour' aims.

I wonder what rewards these traitors are getting for letting Turkey have a front door key to our Nation?

Full article: Welcome in 70 million Moslem Turks

On another note look at what is in the news with regards to the Christian minority in Turkey which is a Moslem majority country.

BBC News: 3 Christians killed in Turkey

Ask yourself; how many Islamic terror attacks have there been inside Turkey against British targets?

Yet 'Loony Labour' think having these people living amongst us is a good thing.

Atleast we know where Jack Straw stands for when what they have created hits the fan.

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