6 November 2007

The 'devil's' advocate & his London pit

Our Christian Royal Family has just recently entertained the King of Saudi Arabia, which is the home and birth place of Islam.

So what do we owe such an honour?

Let us hope and pray that Our Christian Queen never gave in when asked about the London Mega Mosque, I could imagine that question, along with the British arms deals to the Saudi Kingdom would be motivation enough for the King of Saudi Arabia - The devil's advocate - to travel to England to prepare the ground for the future of Wahabi Islam in Great Britain.

The Saudi Arabian trained British Moslem preachers who are already here within our Nation are doing a good job preparing the Moslem Kingdom here for Jihad and the coming War against us so this King is inspecting his future inheritance that his devil driven Moslem minions are preparing for him.

This Channel 4 documntary is proof enough about Wahbi Islam in the U.K: Shame on the British Government

The Mega Mosque in the 'Heart of London' would mean the collapse of this Nation, the collapse of this Monarchy and the dominance of Islam upon our Land.

Time will tell what the Queen's response was.

Ken Livingstone the greatest traitor of modern times, if not of all time, is the greatest advocate for this Mosque and is soon to be removed from office, thus removing the dark cloud over London that he has created.

Who will take his place is now the question?

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In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't H.M. look happy! The things you have to do for your politicians these days.

Anonymous said...

How dare the fawning Arabist Foreign Office impose such an humiliation upon the Queen,indeed upon the entire King David Lineage Royal Family?
I wonder if the Saudi Beduin Chief, now the Wahabi Monarch of the desert dune 'kingdom' knows in whose presence he found his lowly self....?

Anonymous Lady

evilislam said...

The Jinni of Terrorist Islam came out of the Bottle when the British Government of 1979 decided to facilitated the Terrorist Khomeni and stabbed THeir only western Ally :The Shah of IRAN.
Yes the trouble started from IRAN.