29 November 2007

Dirty bomb material seized in Slovakia

Police in Slovakia have have seized 17oz of 'Radioactive Enriched Uranium' that is the material needed for a dirty bomb.

I wonder which country was its ultimate destination?

The Police have said it was in the most dangerous form - Powder

If you think about it, ton's and ton's of heroin & cocaine is smuggled all around the World each year, how hard would it be to smuggle a few grams of highly enriched Uranium into a specific country?

The hardest thing is finding this stuff at source to buy - Let us hope and pray that we have friends and not enemies out there in the International community where this stuff is taken from.

The British people do not agree with 'Loony Labours' stance towards Russia - Especially David Miliband - They are traitors to the British people who give murderous Chechen Islamic extremists sanctuary in our country.

Daily Mail:
Radioactive material seized in Slovakia was enriched uranium that could be used for a 'dirty bomb', police said on today.

Police said they seized 481.4 grams (17 ounces) of the material and arrested two Hungarians and one Ukrainian on Wednesday in a raid along the border with Hungary, near to the frontier with Ukraine.

A dirty bomb is an explosive device that spreads radioactivity but the explosion itself is secured by non-nuclear material.

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