25 November 2007

Madeline McCann - At the mercy of the Portuguese police

There is no sadder fact than that, that the poor missing child 'Madeline McCann' is at the mercy of the Portuguese police who will not conduct a proper search for her and for her kidnappers based on the proven facts to the case.

They would prefer that she
not be found and the blame for her disappearance be left at the parents feet, like the other poor Portuguese woman who is serving 16 years for murdering her daughter who vanished in exactly the same scenario and with no body discovered. The lead investigator of the Portuguese woman's missing child was the lead investigator of Madeline McCann too, who is now being prosecuted himself for beating and terrorising a confession out of the poor Portuguese lady.

I wouldn't like to be at the mercy of him or his officers would you? Yet the McCann family and poor Madeline have had no choice but too leave it in this man's hands, that was until
another investigator took over, but you have to ask the question why is he not now following up on the leads that have come to light? I wonder what factors could prevent him from turning his attention somewhere else other than at the parents, who knows what goes on within the workings of power in Portugal.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If the Portuguese police cannot and will not do the job properly then who is going too? They will not allow anyone else too under Portuguese law and have threatened Metodo 3 who are searching in the right places with

The question you have to ask is
why will they not investigate this case properly and why are they trying to scare off those who are, to the point of threatening legal action and now undermining Metodo 3's suitability to investigate?

Metodo 3 have done a better job investigating this case in 1 1/2 months than what the Portuguese police have done in 6 months - Are the Portuguese police really this bad or is something more sinister at play?

I wonder where the domino effect ends, from those at the bottom who were paid to kidnap Madeline, to the middle men who set it up for those at the top, through to the ones who wanted her or a child like her -
The chain gang!

There is not one shred of evidence to say that Mr & Mrs McCann killed their baby, not one, with each accusation now being factually proven wrong, yet the Portuguese police will not give up trying to pin the blame on them, to the point that they have wasted the last few months trying when they could have been searching for the truth, and they are now willing to
close the case and go home even though evidence is now starting to come to light.

Who does not want the truth to be found out?

I hope your reading this - God knows exactly who you are - Look at what Judas eventually did to himself because of what he had done.

I wonder who Mr Murat and Michaela Walczuch would point the finger at if cornered, then I wonder who they would point the finger at, and then I wonder how far up into Portugal's Elite of Society the finger pointing will go - Portuguese high society cannot afford another paedophile scandal like the last, so how far will those at the top go to prevent such an outcome.

I wonder how many job promotions have been offered to hush this up, silence the media and paint a different picture for the world to see blaming Mr & Mrs McCann and the rest of the Tapas 9?

The case against Mr & Mrs McCann

There is not one piece of forensic evidence to say that Mr & Mrs McCann killed their baby because if there was they would have been charged by now, yet they are accused and official suspects in Madeline's disappearance.

The Portuguese police's hunch which they have not let up on is that Madeline died in the apartment, her body disposed of and the Tapas 9 covered it up - This is the Portuguese police's picture for the World's media for the consumption of the masses around the world who are following this sad case of an innocent child abducted from her bed.

The Portuguese police have based their assumption on the belief that Mr & Mrs McCann
sedated their children so they could go off partying, and over sedated Madeline, killed her, and then had to dispose of her body because of their actions.

It has now been
forensically proven that Mrs McCann and her children have not had any medication in their bodies over the last 8 months so proves beyond doubt that this theory is wrong.

Do Mr & Mrs McCann look like abusive parents who beat their children and have accidentally gone too far and killed Madeline - Not to me!

This theory does not hold up either.

Would Mr & Mrs McCann have
sold their daughter on the black market?

Cant see that one can you?

If your child had an accident, slipped over and banged their head and killed themselves, would you not call an ambulance and then go through the process or detailing the accident and subsequent death of your child rather than acting as if it was your fault, hiding the body, having to then dispose of the body with the prospect of being caught and getting other people involved with the prospect of prison for everyone, all over the accidental death of your child - This theory doesn't hold up either

What other scenarios are there that could implicate Madeline's parents in her disappearance because I cant think of any?

Based on the Portuguese police facts and their line of enquiry, saying that the McCann family are involved in Madeline's disappearance just does not add up or hold up as being believable, yet they are still accusing the McCann family of Madeline's disappearance and claiming the remainder of the Tapas 9 helped cover it up.

This is the human picture for the worlds media for mass human consumption with the blame not at the door of paedophiles paradise - Portugal - so that the biggest business in the Algarve will not be scared away because of what could happen to your children if you travel to Portugal on holiday, but the blame being on the innocent parents, a little like the woman languishing in a Portuguese prison cell with a 16 year prison sentence wrapped around her for a crime she did not commit - She probably prays every day for God to help her.

Those who took Madeline are the ones who have created this for the people of Portugal and the Algarve, not the McCann family, they just want their 4 year old daughter back who was abducted while she slept innocently in her bed.

Portugal's Elite should take note of what has happened in their back garden, make sure Madeline is returned unharmed and work to stamp this evil out for the sake of the future, otherwise Madeline will not be the last little child to be abducted and subjugated to unimaginable horror in Portugal, shes not the first as the facts clearly state but you can make sure she is the last by making sure her abductors are caught, then they will not be able to dirty up your back garden, making your land carry the label 'Paedophiles Paradise'.

In the middle of me writing this post, at exactly this point I am now at, it has now emerged that the Portuguese police believe that a paedophile entered the McCann apartment, picked up Madeline to kidnap her, she screams in horror and the paedophile smothers her, killing her and then runs off into the night with her body - So where is the dead discarded body?

Is this now the Portuguese police story for the worlds media for mass human consumption to try and stop any real investigation and close the case before things get messy for those who are at the top of the chain gang?

If you had just smothered a child and killed her would you really climb out of the apartment window with the dead body and then run off down the road with the dead weight in your arms and risk being seen, caught and then spending the rest of your life in prison for a child murder?

Would it not be easier and safer considering this persons life now depended on them getting away, to leave the dead body behind rather than run off down the road with what would feel like a big bag of potatoes in their arms, imagine how scared the person would have been if they had just killed this little girl, their only thought would be to get out of that apartment and away as fast as possible, they wouldn't risk climbing out of the window and running down the road with a dead body in their arms would they?

It is like breaking into a house, smashing the T.V in with a hammer that your about to steal and then running of with the broken T.V in your arms for the whole world to possibly see, not very realistic is it unless you are completely stupid?

Yet it silences alot of people and takes the blame away from the McCann family which is causing the Portuguese police the biggest problems.

Anyway this scenario does not add up with the proven facts to this case that need investigating.

Why wont the Portuguese police investigate the leads that have come to light?

I wonder if threats of finger pointing by those who are now in the frame is helping to steer this investigation away from themselves?

The domino effect - Once the bottom one falls they all fall.

This story of events is the best possible plausible story the Portuguese police could have come up with about the events of that night except for its blatant flaw, but most people wouldn't give it a second thought, they would believe that's what happened and then forget about the innocent defenceless little child Madeline McCann.

Doesn't help Madeline McCann does it?

If the Portuguese police can get everyone to believe that Madeline McCann is dead then they can close this case and the whole story will go away with things then going back to normal on the Algarve - Portuguese policing at its best! Like beating and terrorising a confession out of an innocent woman who is now in jail serving 16 years for a crime she did not commit!

I forgot to add; There is absolutely 'no evidence' to prove the new Portuguese police scenario - Its pie in the sky like every other scenario they have come up with over the last 6 months.

Is it just me or does something smell fishy here?

The Facts to Madeline's abduction

The most important fact to Madeline's abduction that disproves the Portuguese Police's initial 6 month accusation of Mr & Mrs McCann being involved in their babies disappearance is that Jane Tanner one of the Tapas 9 saw someone carrying a child down the road outside of the holiday complex who was wearing the same colour bed clothes as Madeline at the same location and at the same time that Madeline was abducted - Yet it has taken the Portuguese police 6 months to acknowledge this evidence and now they say that the person carrying Madeline had killed her and ran off with her dead body - Again - where do they get their evidence for this scenario from?

Its an easy way for them to explain away the evidence!

It has also now come to light that 6 months prior to Madeline's abduction, a nanny working in the holiday complex caught someone trying to get into the same apartment through the shutters that Madeline went missing from, her description of the man is of Robert Murat the chief suspect in Madeline's disappearance. The nanny reported this attempted break in at the apartment to her managers at the hotel who we hope would have logged the incident, who then reported it to the Portuguese police - This proves that a child kidnapper was waiting for his moment to snatch a child from the holiday complex that Madeline vanished from and can be verified with hotel and police logs.

Two fact based witnesses of a child kidnapper in the holiday complex that Madeline went missing from, yet the Portuguese police rejected the evidence for some reason and pursued Mr & Mrs McCann - Why?

Robert Murat the chief suspect lives a stones throw from where Madeline was abducted from and I would expect walks past the exact location of Madeline's room most days.

He also works with the Portuguese police as a translator.

When he was arrested as the chief suspect in Madeline's disappearance he gave the police an alibi that he later changed. When he was arrested he said he was with his German girlfriend on the night Madeline was abducted, then after he was released magically he changed his account of that night and then gave the Portuguese police a 'text book' water tight alibi of where he was on the night Madeline disappeared - With his 71 year old mother all night talking in the kitchen.

Whether it is true or not I do not know because there have been so many lie's surface in the media about this tragic case but on Mr Murat's computer there is said to of been a reference to an English girl.

Whether he likes it or not Robert Murat is the chief suspect for good reason, the only thing the Portuguese police do not have is forensic evidence on him, unless the English girl comment on his computer is true? apart from that they have witnesses to say he was in the area the night Madeline disappeared, they have evidence to suggest that he attempted to break into Madeline's apartment 6 months prior to her disappearance, he walks past the holiday complex everyday because he lives a stones throw away from it and he changed his initial alibi which then became a water tight 'text book' alibi.

If you was the investigating officer what would you think about Mr Murat?

OK they arrested him as the chief suspect, probably because they had no other choice but too based on all the information on him but why have they not pursued him and those around him like his Russian friend, his girlfriend and her husband?

Did Mr Murat's finger pointing come into play?

Robert Murat's German girlfriend Miss Walczuch has also now been positively identified by two witnesses as being in the presence of a young blond child resembling Madeline McCann, once by a lorry driver who saw a woman who looks identical to her handing over a little blond girl to a man somewhere in Portugal, and the other sighting of her has been in Morocco, again with a little blond girl resembling Madeline McCann.

Miss Walczuch has stated for her alibi that on the night Madeline was abducted she was at a Jehovah's witness prayer meeting which has now been found to be a lie - Not by the Portuguese police because they never bothered to check her alibi, but by British newspapers who sought out the Jehovah's witness church were its members have stated Miss Walczuch was thrown out over a year ago.

Miss Walczuch has said that her car was in for servicing the day she was said to be in Morocco so it couldn't have been her.

Have the Portuguese police bothered to check Miss Walczuch alibi's on both of these days? NO

Another witness has also come forward stating that a woman looking identical to Miss Walczuch entered the same holiday complex that Madeline was abducted from and knocked on her door professing to be a Jehova's witness. This woman has a little blond haired blue eyed duaghter the same as Madeline.

The Portuguese police have not investigated any other lines of enquiry over the last 6 months other than blaming the parents even though several witnesses have come forward putting Mr Murat and his German girlfriend Miss Walczuch both in the frame for Madeline's abduction.

The question has got to be; Why have they not looked at these fact based lines of enquiry in the search for those who abducted Madeline?

The Portuguese police have hounded Mr & Mrs McCann based on no evidence, yet refuse to pursue Mr Murat & Miss Walczuch based on witness evidence.

What does this say?

What picture emerges for you when you look at all of the facts?

The question you have to wonder is; if Mr Murat & Miss Walczuch were involved in Madeline's abduction then who would they point the finger at and would that finger pointing be a factor in the steering of this investigation?

Rather than the Portuguese police pursue these fact based lines of enquiry, they want everyone to now believe that the abducter killed Madeline in the apartment and then took her away to dispose of her body, this is after 6 months of blaming the parents based on no evidence.

Pulled out of the hat like a rabbit!

This story is so that they can close the case, say Madeline is dead and everyone can then go home and life in the Algarve can go back to normal.

Think about this one; If the Portuguese police had their way based on the facts that we know of over the last 6 months then Mr & Mrs McCann would both be charged with Madelines murder even though there is no evidence, with fact based evidence actually to the contrary, and they would both be languishing in a Portuguese prison for a crime they did not commit - Does that sound like a similar case to you?

I hope that Amnesty International take up the case of the poor Portugues woman and her husband who are both languishing in a Portuguese prison for a crime they did not commit, that has exact same parallels to Mr & Mrs McCann's personal plight. If Mr & Mrs McCann were not doctors and have influential friends 'God' only knows what would have happened to them - They know in their own minds what could have happened, so I hope they would have compassion for the innocent Portugues lady and her husband who probably cry out to God everyday of their sad lives locked up for a crime they did not commit - Can you imagine being in their situation, having your child abducted and then placed in prison for 16 years - Cant get much worse for a parent can it?

Thankfully cases like this are very rare in Britain.

To continue....

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