8 November 2007

UK exports Islamic Terror to Russia

"Internet Exclusive" - Never before seen video footage

MI5 have this week publicly stated that Al Qaeda are grooming British Moslem children for Jihad and terrorist operations against our country within mainland Britain. As you can see in the picture above there is a young child around the age of 6 or 7 who is in the presence of Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and other Jihad leaders who are all preaching 'Holy War' against Russia within a Mosque in Great Britain - This is natural to Moslem children.

In the same MI5 press briefing this week, Jonathan Evans, who is head of MI5 condemned Russia and China for their spying activities that he said is at Cold War levels, he said that foreign agents are causing the British intelligence services to concentrate on their activities within Britain when their time could be better spent dealing with home grown and International Islamic Terror threats.

I agree with Jonathan Evans that if foreign agents are gathering information on sensitive British targets then that is wholly un-acceptable and is nothing less than an act of War.

What the short video's that you are about to view show, is that if the British intelligence services and the British government are not going to act to prevent Islamic Terrorism from being exported from this tiny Island then these 'Nations' have a right to do whatever they deem is necessary to prevent that Islamic Terrorism from being exported from here and landing upon their distant foreign shores and threatening their innocent civilian populations.

It is common knowledge within the global intelligence community that Great Britain and namely London has been an International hub for the global Jihad (Holy War) within the Western World for many years now, with Moslem terrorists fleeing from other lands because of their terrorist exploits there, and this Loony Labour British government then giving them a safe refuge here in our country away from arrest and prosecution by the foreign powers who are seeking to bring them to justice because of their murderous Islamic terrorist activities under the guise of "human rights".

No wonder International Jihad soldiers flock to Britain, we give them immunity, house them, feed them and then pass laws to protect them.

The extremely sickening and shocking thing is, is that the good decent hardworking tax payer of Great Britain knows absolutely nothing about our country becoming a hub for International Islamic Terrorism because of this Loony Labour government, and even worse is that the hard earned taxes paid into the system for the running of our country is paying to house and feed these Moslem terrorists while they continue to plan and plot terror here and abroad.

The Lunacy of this New Labour government.

If only this nightmare scenario was in some far off distant obscure land or that this was all dreamed up for a book then we could sleep soundly in our beds of a night and look forward to our children growing up peacefully within Great Britain. Sadly it is not, this is all a reality, it is surrounding each of us and it is all because of this Loony Labour government who have allowed it to be born here, nurtured it, protected it, fed it and then forced the innocent people of Great Britain to accept it through fear of being branded racist if they disagreed or arrested for dissent - There is no greater book to read about the inner workings of this exact situation that our Country faces than Melanie Philips book 'Londonistan', read it for yourself and see what your Loony Labour government has done to the safety and security of your homeland and the threat that our Country now is to the International community because of what the government and security services have allowed to fester under the surface of mainstream Britain - Out of sight out of mind, until they decide to raise their ugly heads like on 7/7 and the failed car bombings.

Those who are employed to protect you have allowed a British born army of Moslem soldiers to be born here and for the ranks of that army to be filled with international Moslem terrorists fleeing other lands who are alive for only one thing and that is to die fighting the modern global Jihad for allah against you, me and everyone else who will not submit to Islam.

Pre 9/11 the Russian government were embroiled in civil strife within the region of Chechnya and they specifically asked the Loony Labour British government about Islamic terrorism being exported from the U.K to their Country, whether that meant British Moslems being radicalized, recruited or funds being raised here for the Moslems in Chechnya.

They were told frankly that this was not happening in the U.K and that if it was then the security services would shut it down immediately.

The picture below was taken at a conference in London pre 9/11 and shows 5 of the worst Islamic terrorists to have ever walked our streets all together on the same platform, preaching, recruiting and raising funds for Jihad in Chechnya and for the global Jihad around the world - The picture is hazy as it is a still from a video clip further down this post.

In the picture is Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Abu Izzadeen, Al Massri and Abu Qatada, I will write a little about them below this picture.

Abu Hamza is a cleric on the run from his terrorist exploits in Yemen, who set up camp in Britain to preach and recruit for the global Jihad here. Yemen wanted to extradite him to face prosecution there for terror related charges but the British government said he would not receive a fair trial so they allowed him to walk the streets of Britain a free man to further Al Qaeda's global Jihad here, and you the tax payer supported him - He was eventually arrested and is serving out the last of his 7 year sentence.

Omar Bakri started out his terror career with the founding fathers of the modern Jihad, the Moslem brotherhood, he travelled to the U.K in 1986 and set up the British wing of Al-Muhajiroun whose adherents are linked to every single suicide bombing carried out by a British born Moslem - He was expelled from Britain and now lives in Lebanon.

Abu Izzadeen is a British born convert of Jamaican descent who became infamous after he barged in on our home secretary John Reid declaring that the part of London where Mr Reid was addressing an audience was a Moslem area and that Mr Reid had no place being there - He is now on remand awaiting sentence on terror related charges.

Al Massari is a Saudi exile living in London who set up camp here and waged an internet war, recruiting and radicalising Moslems from around the world to the global Jihad.

Abu Qatada was Al Qaeda's spiritual leader in Europe, he was wanted by various governments around the world for his terrorist activities but the British government granted him asylum here on the grounds of religious persecution and allowed him to continue Al Qaeda's global Jihad here in Britain - He is now in prison on terror related offences.

Even though nearly all of these men are now being detained at Her Majesties Pleasure, we must remember that the video's regarding Jihad in Chechnya were pre 9/11 and these Moslem terrorists were allowed to carry on for many more years, recruiting, radicalising and raising funds for the global Jihad before this Loony Labour government decided to act and ask the security services to bring them in.

These men have helped create the British born Moslem army that has now been birthed upon our shores and that is being exported around the world.

The reason for Russia asking Tony Blair's Loony Labour government about Islamic extremism in this country was because they knew that funds and fighters were ending up in their Country from Britain.

The Chechen Moslems you will remember were the ones who took hostage a school full of children in Beslan that ended in carnage, and the other high profile siege was the theatre siege that again ended with the loss of a lot of life.

This is the type of human beings that the Russians were being faced with, and that Islamic clerics here in Britain like those mentioned above were supporting from their nice comfortable bases, paid for by you, the good decent hard working tax payer.

Do you blame the Russians for spying on these people here in Britain for the safety and preservation of their homeland when we look at the school and theatre siege as an example of what they were facing?

The Russians asked the Loony Labour government if this was going on and they buried their heads in the sand and denied it, the Russians obviously knew the truth as the video's below show and now MI5 are moaning about the Russians being here. If the government and MI5 had of done their jobs properly then the Russians wouldn't have had to have been here in the first place, but because of the last 10 years mismanagement of Britain's security with
everyone in positions of power with their heads in the sand we now have the situation we are now in, with it not just exporting Islamic terror to Russia, we are now exporting it up and down the M1 motorway.

Here is the evidence that shows Moslem clerics here in Britain were recruiting, radicalising and raising funds for the Jihad in Chechnya and around the world when the Loony Labour government denied it.

Video 1: This first video is of Omar Bakri radicalising his British Moslem audience to the Jihad in Chechnya and around the world, he says he is there to motivate them (radicalisation) and that he wants to hear that Russian soldiers have been attacked.

He keeps asking for his Moslem audience to give money until the boxes are full and that Mosque's and community centres should help, he says to ask all Moslems to help the Jihad and that Al Majaroun go door to door.

He takes out a large envelope full of money that he said he collected the day before from 3 Moslem business men, he uses this as an example for all Moslems to help the Jihad.

At one point he asks his American colleague to give a word to the British audience from America about jihad.

Video 2: Omar Bakri is continuing the radicalisation process for the Jihad in Chechnya, he says that they need financial support and they want men who can fight.

He says to his British Moslem audience that the door is open for those who want to go and fight in Chechnya (recruitment).

Video 3: Omar Bakri tells his British Moslem audience that in 1996 in Chechnya there were only 300 Mujahadeen and they killed 3000 Russian soliders - His audience roars with praise at his words.

Video 4: Abu Hamza takes the mic and says that affirms what his brothers have said.

He says that the brothers in Chechnya are the most experienced fighters on earth and that if they lose one of them they have lost a great asset, a great potential, a great trainer, a great ***** for the kaffirs (you and me), a great body guard for the Moslems.

He continues radicalising his audience telling them how their Moslems brothers are fighting a guerrilla war against the Russians in Chechnya like in Afghanistan.

"Don’t be worried if the Russians take towns, they come like tyrants and leave like mice, they leave behind clothing, weapons, utilities and food for the Mujahadeen".

"Civilians do suffer but they then become fighters, and the history of Chechnya of fighting against Russia isn’t from the last 50 years its from the past 250 years".

Video 5: Abu Hamza radicalising, recruiting and raising funds for the Moslem fighters in Chechnya, as you can see from the video the little boy who is around the age of 6 - 7 is on the platform during the whole war speech and he is entertained for a short while by Omar Bakri.

Hamza says that Moslem brothers are going there from around the world, that they are being pro-active and have stayed their since 1996 and that they never left to go and see their families or go and get degree's, they stayed there in Chechnya.

He tells his British Moslem audience that they are being used to bring more death to the Peninsula and nobody says anything, he says that Allah is going to open up a conflict in Britain, not just the Peninsula but in London also - Remember this was pre 7/7

He says that the fighters in Chechnya are paving the way for others to go there and fight so we have to help them, we have to support them morally, financially, you have to be commited somehow.

He says that Allah will make something happen to them if they do not help, he hopes that their moral and financial support for the mujahadeen will keep Allahs wrath from them and their families.

He wants his British Moslem audience to be a mouth piece for the Mujahadeen in Chechnya, for women to push their husbands to go, make sure you are ready to defend yourselves here in Britain aswell, try to collect money for these people, make links with the brothers who have links with the fighters in Chechnya

Hamza ends his speech with
"let us make history"

So as we can see from the videos, while our government and security services had their heads in the sand about the Islamic menace in our midst, we the British tax payer were paying for the up-keep of these Moslem terrorists and then exporting that terror around the World, with Great Britain our homeland being Al Qaeda's International hub, even at one point pre 9/11 Osama Bin Laden having a headquarters here.

Do you blame Russia for watching what part Moslem extremists living in Britain were playing with the strife in Chechnya?

The proof is in the videos and our government and security services turned a blind eye and buried their heads in the sand when asked by Russia.

Is it any wonder that there is now upwards of 4,000+ active (that we know about) British born Al Qaeda trained and inspired terrorists living throughout Great Britain who MI5 have lost control of and who threaten the life of our Nation.

The War is here within our borders now, not in Chechnya, maybe if we had not of allowed the Moslem extremists in the videos above an unhindered reign of the Islamic Kingdom wthin Great Britain to recruit, radicalise and raise funds for the global Jihad then we would not be in the position we are now in.

The future civil war and destruction of Great Britain rests at the feet of the 'New Loony Labour Party' and their minions in positions of influence over the power structure of our Nation who have ruled our Country for the past 10+ years.

As an English man I personally thank those people from other Nations who help expose the true nature of the Islamic horror and threat that the innocent ignorant people of Great Britain now face.

When the next Al Qaeda Islamic terror attack happens do not say you were not warned.

Lionheart SAOTK


Anonymous said...

A very powerful article. Using the words of the terrorists themselves is great, they convict themselves.

Your point that the UK gives "asylum here on the grounds of religious persecution" to terrorists is a true statement and very disturbing. The United States has problems in this area, with allowing questionable people in under 'special' circumstances. However, the US is no where as willing to do this as the UK is. You have a big problem.

What the answer is isn't easy. A reversal of current laws would be a start.

You are also correct that the average tax-payer does not know the true situation. Many Americans are the same way. They work, live, take care of their families, and are not knowledgeable about the situation with terrorists.

Very good job. Can I help you publicize the article? I would be happy to post a paragraph or two and a link over here so folks can come over and read the article and view the videos.

God bless you.

Incognito said...

Frightening. Very sorry about what's happening in your country.

However, I doubt Russia's spying is exclusively sel-preservation.. We have as much to fear from Russia and China as we do from Radical Islam.

Anonymous said...

From research gathered into the traits of female Arab homicide- bombers in Israel it has been shown that, even though some are educated & from well-to-do families, they all came from the over-crowded ranks of down-trodden, humiliated, sexually frustrated, brainwashed & extremely mean-minded Moslem women.

Which, of course, means that there is a large reservoir of such vicious racist potential murderesses to choose from in the "enlightened", "peaceful",
"merciful" and "tolerant" Moslem world, Arab and otherwise!
Anonymous Lady