18 November 2007

2 minutes of your time

I often moan about people sitting back doing nothing while our society and children's future is being aggressively destroyed by our 'Loony Labour Government' and their Trojan horse the Islamic Kingdom.

At this moment in time the defence of our civilization in the Western World is through education, educating the masses to the threat that we and our future face so that when the time comes and action is required there will be enough people ready and awake to stand up and defend ourselves from all that is physically thrown at us.

It seems that the thought police are now a new weapon to be used in the Islamic Kingdoms armour against the voices of truth who are educating others to the threat that we face from the inherently murderous, warmongering, hate filled, paedophilic religion of Islam.

I was sent this information from a friend regarding
'The Religion of Peace' website which is an extremely good informative site, detailing how they are trying to be silenced from speaking the truth by the Islamic Kingdom and their Dhimmi servants.

If you want to do something to help your society fight back against this modern Jihad then I ask that you will take between 2 - 5 minutes out of your busy day and write a couple of emails to those people listed on the email I was sent to show your support and solidarity with those at 'The Religion of Peace'.

It is them today, me tomorrow and you the day after, so we must all stand together now while we still have the chance.

Actions speak louder than words.

Please click for full details:
Religion of Peace

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Alan the Red said...

Here is a nice little film about the Bush family history.


Do enjoy.