21 November 2007

The Stereo-typical Pakistani Moslem Jihadi

This is Abdul Rahman who was convicted today for his part in recruiting fellow Moslem's within Great Britain to fight Holy War.

Take a read of the information about him and ask yourself the question; how many more of these enemy combatants are blended into our society.

While our brave sons and daughters are off in foreign fields fighting Moslems with the same ideology as this man, we back home have to put up with these Jihadi Moslems who are intent on nothing less than mass murder and carnage walking freely within our society until eventually being discovered and removed from the streets.

Look at Anjem Choudry as a prime example of an Al Qaeda operative given a free reign to radicalise, recruit, raise funds and preach Holy War against non-Moslems within mainland Britain with our 'Loony Labour Government' doing absolutely nothing about him, he is left to roam our British homeland freely calling for Holy War against us - TREASON - Yet nobody does anything about him, our innocent society is left with his hate and war against us.

Daily Mail:
A Pakistani student today admitted acting as a recruiting sergeant for British Muslims to join the "Holy War" in the Middle East.

Abdul Rahman, 25, is the first person in Britain to be convicted of a charge of disseminating terrorist information after he was arrested with a "call to arms" letter from a Muslim fighter.

He is also the first person to be convicted of helping another person to breach a control order by paying the airfare for a man to flee to Pakistan.

Rahman was part of a radical "cell" who believed in fighting a Holy War with their "Muslim brothers," Manchester Crown Court was told. it Cheema, prosecuting, told the court that Rahman was part of a radical "cell"

Parmjit Cheema, prosecuting, said: "What this group, particularly this defendant were involved in, we say was scouting, recruiting and encouraging others to join their philosophy of extreme jihad or Holy War."

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Moslem student recruiting for Holy War

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Anonymous said...

You only have to contrast how Margaret Thatcher dealt with the IRA, which eventually contributed to that terror-army taking the route to peace.
Suspected IRA bombers were unceremoniously shot in broad daylight on the streets of Gibraltar, and no doubt the UK.
There is no doubt that the SAS have the capability to do the same again with todays threat.
All it takes is the right level of danger from that threat.
All those you mention in your column are marked men.
They should look behind their backs often.