13 November 2007

More 'Proof' of Loony Labour

This 'Loony Labour Government' under Tony Blair & Gordon Brown have destroyed Great Britain, and left the whole country in mortal danger - The real question now is; will we and our country survive into the future?

This most recent situation concerning The Home Secretary is proof enough of what is happening to the fabric of our society, it just does not get any worse when you really sit back and think about it and the implications to us all and to the future.

Talk about 21st Century spying - Loony Labour have opened up the front door to our new enemies and told them all to come in, make themselves at home and take a look around our National Security Complex - its laughable except its not funny because its mine and your homeland, you can imagine other Nation States sitting back laughing at what Great Britain has become under Loony Labour - New Labour - New Britain - Yeah New Britain alright.

What is worse about this most recent imperilous security blunder is that the person in charge over this whole department knew about this most recent serious infiltration of the British Security Establishment and ordered a media black out -

So not only have Loony Labour now threatened the life of the Nation even more than before, they have also tried covering it up so that the gullible British sheep people would not find out.

Yet she is still in office.

How much more lunacy do the poor innocent people of Great Britain have to put up with before it really is too late, and the country and our children's future sink into the
abyss of destruction and anarchy - Look around you because its not far away due to this generations Loony Labour governments control over the reigns of British Power.

So not only do we have our NHS infested with Moslem maniacs wanting to kill us, Al Qaeda operatives working within the police force, we now know that there are large numbers of illegal immigrants working within Whitehall which is part of our National Security infrastructure.

How can those in opposition sit back and allow this lunacy to continue?

What the people of Britain say: Daily Mail Poll

Full report:
Government knew

UPDATE: 10,000 illegal immigrants working in security

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Anonymous said...

40 thousand immigrants, 10 thousand illegals all working for the government, what about the citizens of England, you know the ones born there, what about government jobs for them, or maybe the PM likes the idea of some illegal islamic terrorist guarding his or her car, makes them feel safe right, what BULLSHIT, get rid of this bitch now. Let us see if England is still England or if they find some sort of excuse to let her go or even remain in office. It's not even this bad here in the US, get rid of her and get rid of the illegals working in your government and give the jobs to whose country it is and not some terrorist in wait.

Anonymous said...


There's a new campaign to shut down discussion of Islam in the British MSM, sponsored by Red Ken Livingstone, the Marxist mayor of Londonistan...

From http://www.24dash.com/communities/29255.htm

" A "torrent" of negative stories has been revealed by a study of the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the British media, according to a report today.

Research into one week's news coverage showed that 91% of articles in national newspapers about Muslims were negative.

London mayor Ken Livingstone, who commissioned the study, said the findings were a "damning indictment" on the media and he urged editors and programme makers to review the way they portray Muslims.

"The overall picture presented by the media is that Islam is profoundly different from and a threat to the West," he said.

"There is a scale of imbalance which no fair-minded person would think is right."

BOLLOCKS!!!! This is not a "damning indictment" of the media, it is a damning indictment the terrorists, murderers, sadists, rapists, mutilators, pedophiles, extortionists and parasites who follow the death cult of Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

From the Toad's mouth,
"The overall picture presented by the media is that Islam is profoundly different from and a threat to the West," he said.