21 November 2007

U.K - Al Qaeda training for Jihad video

Last week I posted never before seen film footage of Al Qaeda's British General's recruiting, radicalising and raising funds for Holy War in Chechnya and around the world - U.K exports Islamic terror to Russia

Here thanks to Greater Manchester's 'Counter Terrorism unit' we have more proof of the legacy of what was captured on those pre 9/11 video's as Abdul Rahman a Pakistani Moslem who entered our country for the purpose of Holy War was convicted of terrorism offences.

Video's have been released of Abdul Rahman and his Islamic terror cell training for jihad in the Lake District, in the video's there is a potential suicide bomber and a Chechen terrorist showing their recruits how to conduct Holy War.

This is not the first time we have been shown British Moslem's training for Holy War within the United Kingdom and it will not be the last considering how many British born and International terror cells we now have within our borders.

The question is; when are the security services going to be allowed to round these cells up for the safety and preservation of the United Kingdom so that we are no longer a hub for international Islamic terror, exporting it around the world and putting the international community in danger because at the moment they can do nothing but sit back and watch as Islamic communities across our land turn into bastions of Jihad against us, our country and the international community.

Loony Labour and their minions give them a safe sanctuary, they house them, feed them and then pass laws to protect them - The Asylum

It is only a matter of time until the next Al Qaeda inspired terror attack hits our country killing untold innocent people, causing carnage and devestation and it will be this Labour Governments fault, so if someone you love is murdered or seriously injured in the next attack you will know where to lay the blame because if Loony Labour and their minions cared about the security of our Country they would round these National Security threats up and lock them away for the safety of our society, instead they pass laws protecting them - What Planet does 'Top' judge live on

These Moslems are here living amongst us, in a community very near you as the facts clearly state - Treason - Lock this Enemy combatant up!

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Daily Mail article and video:
During the exercise one of the men is referred to as a suicide bomber whilst two others are seen crawling, commando-style, through the snow and undergrowth near Langdale, Cumbria praising Allah and the Chechen Mujahideen.

Police also found propaganda in the house including a document refering to terrorist finishing schools called: "How Can I Train Myself for Jihad?"

Rahman admitted two offences under the 2006 Terrorism Act and also pleaded guilty to a further charge of helping a terror suspect defy a control order.

The case highlights the ease with which suspected terrorists on controversial control orders are able flee the UK.

One senior police source said: "There is real concern these orders are not worth the paper they are written on and do nothing in real terms to protect the public.

"It seems to me that despite these orders suspected terrorists are able to move around the UK and even leave the country to go and fight jihad elsewhere."

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Al Qaeda's British training

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