4 September 2007

The Wayting Warrior King

Courtesy of a friend

The Wayting warrior King is stirring and the hearts of the faithful are crying out for his leadership.
Albion shall awaken and the dogs of war will be unleashed. Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and your minion bootlickers, The poppies are growing taller, their fields are ever growing, the opium and heroin are flowing, and you let them grow while our soldiers die, for nowt in foreign fields. Your God will judge you for your careless spilling of precious British blood, and the pollution of our hallowed lands. Stand up for Britain and stop cowering to those that hate us, and our heritage. You say you admire Churchill, well read what he tells you about our history and get off your knees.


Avi said...

War is coming- let's hope that good will triumph.

Hashem bless you,


Anonymous said...

Start fighting back in Brussels, 11 September