16 September 2007

Shame on the Police employed to protect us

Police throughout Europe no matter what Country they are in are employed by the hard working tax payers of every Nation to protect them within their societies and uphold the rule of law.

On September 11th 2007 there was a demonstration in Brussels to commemorate the attacks in America that was eventually cancelled by the ruling Elite because they did not want to offend the Moslem population of Brussels and Europe.

Instead there was a Birthday celebration that went ahead in its place that was attended by middle aged suit wearing politicians and their supporters.

This was the reaction of the Police in Brussels:-

London February 2006 there was the infamous Danish cartoons protest in the centre of London, take a look at what the British Moslem community aimed at the innocent people of Britain and the police's reaction.

Please let me know if you can see a police reaction to this violent disorder?

Is it just me or is there something wrong here?

The Police throughout Europe who are employed by the hard working taxpayers have become the Political Elite's personal army to silence the people of Europe's unrest over the Islamification of their countries.

Listen to what is being aimed at us on the video of the London demonstrations and tell me that there is not just cause for the people of Europe to be unsettled about the Warmongering Islamic communities that are now in our midst seeking to take over our Countries.

Our children and grandchildrens futures are hanging in the balance with the police not on our side, who else is going to stand up for them other than their mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers?

The police have become nothing more than a tool in the hands of the Establishment to enforce their will upon the innocent people of Europe.

You tell me what the future holds if we are not allowed to stop the Islamification of our Countries.

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Anonymous said...

The police are little more than the fire-brigade theses days.
Come out and pick up the pieces, unless you are on this Nanny States watch list of ne'r do wells that don't grovel to the party line of Britain having no problems and a booming economy.
Yes you too can stick your head up your own dark place and imagine the world we live in.
It's so much nicer in there ain't it?