4 September 2007

Pointless to deport Pole who Rapes woman after week in Britain

Even our Judges who reside over the internal security of our Country have given up on Great Britain and are just going through the motions and being paid extremely well for the privilege.

We on the ground living in 'common communities' are left to deal with living surrounded by this anarchy in our modern 21st Century society with our Judges not even willing to help us.

What is your Our Country coming too.

Courtesy of Steve Thompson

Kwidzinski pleaded guilty to rape and assaulting a police officer.
Sentencing him to nine years in prison, of which he will serve half, Judge John Neligan said it was "pointless" for him to recommend deportation after he has served his sentence because of "the current state of the law".

Full article here: The Daily Mail

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