26 September 2007

Re-writing British History

The 21st Century Race relations chief 'Trevor Philips' is seeking to change our modern history books and desecrate one of England's finest heroes Sir Francis Drake's exploits, and all because he wants to give Islam and its Turkish Moslem's a place within our British history books to teach our innocent children a lie in his and his superiors warped social engineering programme called 'social cohesion', making the 'war mongering' Moslem's in our midst who are at War with us more inclusive to the innocent English sheep people.

Race chief wants to sink our role in the Armada

According to equality chief Trevor Phillips, the Turks had the problem well in hand even before Drake insisted on finishing his match on Plymouth Hoe when the invaders were sighted.

Mr Phillips, who wants the nation's history books rewritten to make them more "inclusive" of other cultures, suggested last night that the role of Ottoman Muslims in 1588 in saving the throne of Queen

"Let's rewrite that story, let's use our heritage to rewrite that story so that it is truly inclusive.

"That's the reason for this: So that we have an identity which brings us together and binds us in the stormy times we're going to have."

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Indoctrinating our children to their way of thinking thus creating a population of sheep's to the slaughter house of Islam, your young sheep if you have children!

Do you really think that Islam will change its basic tenants to fall in line with our way of life? Of course it will not, Jihad (Holy War) is a fundamental command within Islam that all Moslem's must follow, they are not seeking to adapt into our society they are seeking to change our society to adapt and fall in line under their way of life which is based on the teachings of the Koran.

Islam is eternally at War with the no-Islamic World, this is an immovable fact and reality forced upon our World when Islam was birthed in the 7th Century so why are we bending over backwards now in the 21st Century to appease Islam at the expense of our history and culture, and allow it to take more ground than it has already taken within our homeland?

I wrote Yesterday about our new loony left wing liberal Foreign secretary who is working towards opening the front door to Great Britain for the Moslem armies of Turkey to invade so this from Trevor Philips is one way of preparing the ground as they say, preparing the next generation for the 21st Century invasion and take over of England mine and your homeland.

Those in positions of power like Mr Philips who are desecrating the British homeland forget that at every time in our Great British history true leaders like Sir Francis Drake have arisen so while these traitors desecrate and destroy Great Britain in this generation, there are now young British leaders growing within this land who will rise up when the time comes and defend their birthrights from such traitors as these who have no place meddling about with affairs of England that do not concern them.

Trevor Philips and the like will then be held accountable for their treason, look back over our history to see what happened to those traitors of the British people when the people said 'enough is enough' of this tyranny.

It is this generations responsibility to stand up for the next generation just like our predecessors stood up for us, so where do I sign the petition to have this man removed from his position of influence and power for the safety, security and preservation of my homeland and for the future generations not yet born?


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Anonymous said...

"...and binds us in the stormy times we're going to have."

Oh yes Trevor, and what are the stormy times your sea-fareing eyes have espied across the troubled waters?
Even this lickspittle has the foresight to see that we are entering choppy waters.
Next year sees the European Union police state enacted, then follows several years of destruction of national identities, and regional borders.
The surveilance systems are in place, but unlike what we are told, that it is to prevent the (nontheless real) terrorists from attacking civil society, the actual truth is that for our over-complex State to exist requires the complete usurption of power to the central EU mega-State.
We will awake one day to realise that we, be it a policeman, a judge, a Security Services officer, a farmer, a factory worker, will all no longer be British or Welsh, Scots or Irish, but citizens of the EU, with our postal codes changed, Westminster demoted to an EU "assembly," with our armed forces now fully tied in and under the control of the central EU "apparachniks."

Why do our present pol;iticians want this?
They will all be presentd with a vast new opportunity of promotion to the central government with all the perks that entails. The people will be well and truely divided from their historic past with all the texts of history whitewashed to provide these more convenient memories of what created our old world.
Truely we will enter that legendary "Brave New World" of Huxley, and "1984" will be so close to reality that hardly any will recall how it was once different.
Muslims, Christians and Jews will be equally castrated by the essentially Communist EU government, which has been so highly promoted by ex-Communist activists from the 1960's such as John Prescott, John Reid, and their radical Union friends, plus all the half baked so-called "Socialists" like Blair, Blunket and their little puppy-dog lap-dancers like ED Balls, and the Millibands. (millipedes!) Take a look at the rehearsed bollocks of the Labour Party conference this week to see the kind of back-scratching toadies, whose eyes water when the Party commnadants stand on the podium and bleat about the "dictators" of Burma suppressing their people, and calling for action against them, just like they have about Darfur for the last five years, courtesy of little shirts like Hilary Benn.
What did they do about the Jan jaouid taking their African brothers babies from their mothers arms and tossing them on bonfires? Sweet fanny adams!
With all their military hardware, these wimps did not even dare to send a squadron of Tornados to strafe a couple of these columns of killer-carrying cameltrains as they rode into battle against helpless villagers. Just as these Labour Party midgets had no stomach for direct action, so too they will let down our Nation when the time comes to defend us from a future unpredictable attack on our shores.
They may as well throw away the nuclear deterent as Russia and China know full well they aint got the bottle to use them. (Oh I forgot, we ARE going to throw away our nuclear forces, to the EU super state to play with!)