4 September 2007

The Curse of Heroin in Scotland

Courtesy of Steve Thompson - Our friends up in Sunny Scotland

When the dreaded curse of Heroin knocks on your front door - Do not say you were no warned.

Emma Caldwell

Emma Caldwell pictured above and below was brutally murdered in and around April 2005, The 27-year-old, who was working as a prostitute when she died, was last seen on 4 April in Butterbiggins Road in Glasgow's Govanhill at about 2300 GMT. I would like you to focus on the above picture, a picture of a very pretty girl, and more importantly a picture of a parents loving daughter. A daughter that they loved, and cherished, a daughter that will always be their little baby.

The picture below, is for God's grace a place that any of our own children could end up, given the state of our society. So please don't judge this girl on the lifestyle she had been dragged into, focus on the pretty girl that will always be Mum and Dads little girl.

Emma, a former horse-riding teacher, had turned to heroin and prostitution after her older sister Karen's death from cancer six years ago. This says's it all a girl struggling to cope with grief , who would have been an easy target for the heroin dealing scum that blight every populated part of our Island, scum that needs eradicated like the vermin they are. Any of our children can reach a low point in their life, like Emma clearly had following the death of her sister, that's what the vermin look for, a little chink of vulnerability that allows them to peddle their vile powder to help ease the pain and suffering. This is what happened to Emma, the monsters had struck and got their claws into another one of our children, age is irrelevant, because she was still her parents child.

Emma Caldwell

Following the discovery of Emma's body in 2005 their had been quite a high profile media campaign, read here, here, and here, also last summer, detectives projected a 60ft image of her on to a tower block in Glasgow's Gorbals district in the hope that it would provide a breakthrough in catching her killer.

So why now is their very little media coverage when the names of the four men Charged with her brutal murder are known. Huseyin Cobanoglu 55, Halil Kandil 34, Mustafa Soylemez 35, and Abubekir Oncu Ga 31. It is alleged that they strangled Emma, at the Turkish Community Cafe, in the city's Bridge Street on April the 4th 2005. They are also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by dumping her body in woods in Lanarkshire.

So why no media coverage about our Turkish enricher's, were they the ones that were also the evil heroin dealers. As far as I am concerned Emma should be alive and if these so called men were not allowed to stay in Britain she well may have been. How many more of these enrichers does our society have accept before we say no more. And with Turkey's impending integration into the EU, 80 million more will be able to come and settle in the UK.

Let's say no by Voting for the British National Party, and at least leave a legacy in Emma's memory that our streets are safe for our daughters to walk around in, no matter how vulnerable they are.

This curse of Afghani Heroin on the streets of Great Britain does not just effect the everyday man in the street, look at Amy Winehouse and Pete Docherty as celebrity drug addicts who cover their living hell well and glamorise their lifestyles as if it is a path to follow - Death is the end of their path like so many before them.

Amy Winhouse

Pete Docherty

And then there were the Heroin addicted prostitutes in Ipswich murdered by a serial killer who targeted vulnerable girls on the streets.

Cycle of drugs and prostitution

The destruction and disintegration of British life is well and truly underway with many people out there now going through the trauma and tragedy of Heroin addiction while in Afghanistan Al Qaeda's poppy farmers are harvesting this years bumper crop ready to flood our Western Nations and kill our youth.


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Anonymous said...

Heroin has been killing the West for years.
It used to be Chinese heroin, now it comes 95% from Afghanistan.
Our governments allow the poppy to grow without check. yet it could be wiped out by many means.
They say it is the price that we pay to stop the Taliban swarming across the borders of neighbouring Pakistan tribal areas.
Our governments could buy the crop and use some for medicine, the rest could be burned in incinerators in public view.
The spineless idiots that send our finest young men and women to Afghanistan, are now war-fighting, instead of helping rebuild that struggling region.
It is a deliberate and dastardly tactic of the UK and US government to allow the heroin to flow, to help grease the wheels of their international bartering and the arms trade, whilst masquerading as promoters of democracy.
At least former PM's like Churchill had the guts to call a war by it's name and not pussy foot around.
The price we pay is the disintegration of our civilisation with one end result, the remains will be scooped up by whatever dictatorial regime may emerge in the future Europe. Complete with the toolkit of the surveillance State, ready made.
No wonder Britain is being abandoned by so many old wave British, leaving it to be fought over like scraps before wild hungry dogs. The disintegration of civil-society is the means by which the corrupt in heart shall strive to preserve their rule, selling Nationhood to the highest bidders, or the loudest shouters.
Europe united will fall to pieces at the hands of the men of no imagination who press their well-fed arses in the seats of power.
They sit and ignore the destruction of the evil pollution flooding our streets, and the waves of crime, and disorder that are building at the walls of civil-society.
TV news reported yesterday in Thetford, a smallish Norfolk town, of the police raids on about ten premises where "low-level" heroin dealers were staying.
Skinny white males where led away with coats over their heads as the police bashed their doors in.
How many doors of the importers and main dealers were bashed in? NONE.
How many Mercs and BMW 4x4's were conficated? NONE.
How many properties bought with the money from drugs were confiscated? NONE.
How many rich drug baron's were laughing their socks off? ALL OF THEM.
Gordon Brown, it's a great country we live in ain't it?
Thanks a bunch.