25 September 2007

Section him under the mental health act for the safety of Great Britain

David Milliband - Gordon Browns Foreign Secretary who deals with the Foreign affairs of Great Britain.

In his own words: "That's why Europe can't be a closed Christian club, why a lasting settlement for the people of Kosovo is a defining test for the whole of Europe, and why Turkey should become a full and equal member of the EU."

Full story: BBC News

Labour's loony left wing liberal Foreign secretary who holds the reigns of Power over this office is backing the Islamic Nation of Turkey's acceptance into the EU, giving the Islamic World a back door into the Heart of Europe.

For whatever EU agenda this traitor is working towards he is about to open the 'front door' into Mainland Britain and welcome into and upon our 'Beautiful Green Shores' the Islamic armies of Turkey and their fellow Moslem friends from the Islamic World.

How many terrorist attacks against British targets have there been so far in Turkey?

So not only are our Towns and Cities now being invaded by the vultures from Europe feeding from the fat of our Land, we are soon going to have 100's of thousands of Turkish Moslems invading, bringing with them their Islamic Jihad (Holy War), savagery and barbarism.

Thank you Gordon Brown for taking us one more step towards the Islamification of Our Nation.

You and your legal crooks will be ok though wont you in your big private houses, with your children protected in their top private schools which is all paid for by the innocent tax payer who is paying all of you their taxes to run the affairs of our country and work to make a better safer, society for us all.

Inviting in the Islamic armies of Turkey considering World events is really going to make our society a better place isnt it.

May Almighty God deal with David Milliband Himself and remove him for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable people of Great Britain.



Anonymous said...

Direct and to the point. Well said Lion Heart...

Anonymous said...

Never heard of him. Can you give me some more information about this typical LLL (Loony Leftwing Liberal) before I let him have it with my delectable emails... If you know what I mean.
Jewish Lady

Lionheart said...

Hi Jewish Lady, he is our new foreign secretary who looks like he is just out of his nappies and feeding from his mothers breasts, who we now have running the foreign affairs our country.

He wants to open the door for Turkey to invade us and he is seeking to force the supposedly new EU constitution onto the British people without asking our permission first.

He is a treasonous traitor to the innocent people of Britain as his loony left wing liberal views are becoming ever clearer.


Anonymous said...

This man-boy shaves his eye-brows so they do not meet on his forehead, a sure sign of his untrustwortyness.
Does he really think that the Greek nation, who lost millions to Turkish attrocity, will listen to his prattlings?
You are right about him being traitorous, unfortunately, Tony Blair had the Treason Laws repealed and replaced with so called anti-terror legislation.
This idiot is one of the greasypole climbing monkeys who cares nothing for Britain, only for his prospective promotion prospesct within the EU police State, post the signing of the 7th EU treaty next year.
This shower are more dangerous than any previous species of creepy Nulaborite, he has the mark of beast in his heart, he is infected with the "blue-tongue" disease that has struck our farms. His tongue is bloodstaine red. No longer doi we have reds under the bed, we have reds fallen out of the babies cradle.
These dirty maggots have the destruction of Britains proud history as their chosen goal.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Lionheart I will be posting this to all contacts, its too good to be kept on your blog, Keep up the good work