3 September 2007

Luton & Dunstable - Reality Check UPDATE

I wrote the post: Luton & Dunstable - Reality Check last week as it was my first time back to where I live in a few months.

As entering the Town doubt entered my mind as to the severity and scale of the problem under the surface of British life. It shouldn't have considering I have lived around here for the past 31 years and know exactly what is happening on the streets in relation to the Pakistani Moslem community, but I suppose it is good to always doubt until you are proved right.

As I entered the community the very first bit of news I heard was about someone very well known locally dying due to years of drug addiction to Pakistani Moslem Heroin from Luton.

I stayed around for a week and within that week there was an armed robbery committed against a Ladbrokes betting shop, supposedly by two people I know who are both Heroin addicts.

Where I live Dunstable is only a small Town where most people know each other so this confirms the scale of the problem and I am sure that any long serving police officer would of seen the dramatic change in the nature of local crime since the influx of Pakistani Moslems from Luton and their Heroin.

No one can speak openly about the truth of the Pakistani Moslem invasion
though because they are classed as racists and Islamaphobic so we are forced to accept the destruction of our communities under the banner 'community cohesion'. I wonder where those who have forced 'community cohesion' upon us live and send their children to school because they definitely do not live around here.

I know that people will say that this is normal crime committed within Great Britain nowadays, and yes it is a common occurrence but what drives people to commit these types of violent crimes for 40 pound and then receive a 5 - 7 year prison sentence for it?

Heroin is the fuel that is fanning the flames of violent crime within Great Britain with 50% of all crimes now committed by drug addicts and 70% of prisoners in the prison system being drug addicts.

I personally know several people who have committed violent robberies for 'pocket change' for a hit of Heroin and then been caught and received a heavy prison sentence for it, and everyone else I know hooked on the stuff has a horror story about life on Heroin.

This is what our communities and future generations now face the length and breadth of Great Britain now that there are organised Pakistani communities throughout our Nation who are pumping their 'Elixir' of Jihad as a weapon of War out into our local communities, breaking down and destroying our Towns and Cities and killing large sections of our British youth because once you get on this stuff you do not get off it.

All this while the 'Al Qaeda' leaders in Afghanistan sit rubbing their hands together looking out over their poppy crop thinking about what devastation they are going to cause our infidel societies with it and the amount of money they are going to make in the process to fund further Jihad against us.

Our prisons are over flowing with drug crazed addicts, our society is forced to face the violence committed by Heroin addicts for their daily hit and the problem is just getting worse especially now we are waiting for the Afgahn's to harvest this years bumper crop.

It is pot luck now whether your son or daughter or brother or sister gets hooked on this stuff because our country is awash with it. It starts with a little bit of Cocaine, moves on to a little bit of Crack cocaine and then moves onto the Heroin - Then GAME OVER

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


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Avi said...

I wonder if Muslims will protest about the 'desecration' of the Qur'an when it is used to smuggle heroin. I doubt it.
P.S. Stroll over to my place and discover the lastest attack on the Jewish connection to Israel.