15 September 2007

Luton & Dunstable blog

I have put together another blog with a compilation of posts from this blog so as to make it easier for people to read what is going on in the Luton & Dunstable area in relation to Al Qaeda's Holy War against Great Britain that is being conducted on the ground by the Pakistani Moslem community from within Fortress Bury Park.

Hopefully people will use this as a resource to warn and educate others to the threat that we face Locally and Nationally in relation to the alien Islamic Kingdom that is building upon our land and conducting Holy War against us, our children, our society and our way of life.

Al Qaeda declared War upon the people of Great Britain on 7/7 and it was planned and facilitated from within the confines of Bury Park, after this event they tried to attack the people of Great Britain again with a plot called 'The Fertiliser plot' that the security services smashed under the name 'operation crevice' which would have been the biggest bombing campaign in British history. This plot was again planned and facilitated by Al Qaeda living in Luton within the confines of Fortress Bury Park.

The facts in the public domain clearly show to those who are interested in looking that Al Qaeda has opened up Luton & Dunstable as one of their first War fronts in their Islamic based civil war upon English soil.

Please take a read of my detailed on the ground account of life in the front lines of this modern War and encourage your friends and family to do the same, so that we can all prepare for the future together and not fail our innocent children who are relying on our strength and leadership.


Blog: Holy War - Al Qaeda's Luton & Dunstable War front

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Luton Boy said...

So what can be done about this holy war? What is your solution and how can people in Luton have a part to play?