19 September 2007

The Jihad Fighter On Scots Housing Benefit

Exclusive: Taliban Fighter Seeks Asylum ... He Fired On Brits In Afghanistan And Now He Wants To Stay Here
By Mark Mcgivern

More lunacy in the asylum that is Great Britain.

Courtesy of Steve Thompson

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A TALIBAN fighter who admits waging war against British troops is battling to win asylum in Scotland.

Only last year, Muhammad Hanif Hanifi was taking part in jihad - holy war - against Scottish soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

But now he is appealing to stay in Scotland, where he has lived on state benefits for six months.

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Anonymous said...

You dumb fuckin poms kicked me out in 2003!!! Where the hell does this weird beard live. Someone should make an example of him! Are you INSANE?

Lionheart said...

Exactly anonymous...

Our multicultural loony left wing liberal's throw normal non-religious people out of our country and allow Moslem Jihad fighters to stay and then pay all of their living expenses.

The lunacy in the modern asylum that is Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

In order for him to be allowed to stay in Britain, he must do certain things before being considered for citizenship and/or permanent residence:
(1) Convert to Christianity and prove beyond doubt that this conversion is sincere - or be sent back to where he came from.
(2) Take any job offered him to show he will not be a burden upon the British people, rather be a productive, tax paying, honest hard worker - or be sent back to where he came from.
(3) Rent a home, instead of being
given one without having to seek out somewhere to live like everyone else - or be sent back to where he came from.
Jewish Lady

Anonymous said...

Hey you Brits are renowned for your sense of humour but I aint sure if this is satire or for real.

Would you guys have given shelter and provided welfare to a Nazi paratrooper who had killed a dozen Tommy Atkins back in 1942?

Come on you Brits, where is your backbone? March on London and demand your country back from the liberal-communists who have stolen it.