30 September 2007

Conservatism - They have seen the Light

As the sun rises in the morning, breaking through the morning clouds to reveal the sunshine, so too it seems, is the light of sense beginning to break through upon the darkness that has covered the Conservative Party for a generation, let us hope and pray that that 'light of common sense' continues to break through the dark clouds so that the people of Great Britain can awaken and then arise to a 'New dawn' in British life, British politics and British affairs - For the sake of our children.

The loony left wing liberals in the Labour Party do not care about Great Britain and the British people, that is why their only concern when it comes to election time is how do they assure themselves the block vote from the Moslem community, African community and now the European community in our midst. They are guaranteed enough votes from the British public due to the political propaganda machine the BBC, for them to care about the concerns of the good decent hard working British taxpayer whose country this is, so they bend over backwards in their policies towards immigrants so as to assure themselves that communities votes, thus keeping themselves in their positions of power to destroy our country and make vast sums of money in the process.

David Milliband and Jon Cruddas have got to be some of the worst people with loony left wing liberal views that are destroying our homeland, take a look at these traitors and their plans for our country for yourself.

It seems that one of David Camerons most vocally racist opponents of the British people who vote for the British National Party Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has been 'born again' or at least is on the path of enlightenment and has actually spoken out in support of the concerns held by the good decent honest hardworking and innocent British citizen who has had enough of the destruction to their homeland and are realising that the only political party in Great Britain who is willing to stand up and challenge for the rights of the British people and their future is the British National Party.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said some very racist and public statements against fellow British citizens within the British National Party, (but thats ok as she is a Baroness after all, she can be racist to White British Patriots if she wants) so I hope that this is her recompense for those statements and that she is now going to change her political stance, as everyone needs too in different generations when the political environment changes as it does from generation to generation.

David Cameron and Miss Warsi have both been verbally attacked by the leaders of the modern asylum for their open declaration to their new found faith in the indigenous British people and their views about their homeland and have continued with the line of "racist, hate mongering, BNP" which is their first line of defence when confronted with having to accept the views held by the majority of British people about the destruction of their country and children's futures - What does this say about me and you and how they view us, when we look at our country and see what is happening to it and agree with British National Party politics?

We must all be racist, hate mongering people because we care about our Country!

Where are the 'straight jackets' because we put up with this racist garbage aimed at us and our Country for the sake of 'community cohesion', its community cohesion when our Guests get away with blue murder against us, yet racist and hate mongering when we object to that blue murder perpetrated against us by our New Guests - Who ever sits at the top of that one thinking that way, conducting themselves that way and then forcing it on the gullible British sheep people needs the straight jacket.

Let us hope that they and more like them within the Conservative party fully convert and stand with the British people and not the vultures from around the world who are descending upon our homeland feeding from what is left of the carcass before we completely sink as a Nation.

The Warning bells are sounding around the Nation...

This part of the article has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read, and just goes to show how far down the pecking order within our own Nation the British people have fallen, and each of you reading this who vote Labour have yourselves to blame.

Simon Woolley, of the anti-racist group Operation Black Vote, said: "Pandering to the racist views peddled by the BNP and bought by the BNP voters is wrong."

Operation Black Vote where the Black community is targeted for their Votes is ok but the British National Party who are standing up for the rights of the indigenous people of Great Britain are racists and wrong. No British person can tell me that that is not double standards, abhorrent and racist towards the White British population of Britain.

Take my words as medicine as you sit in this modern asylum.

David Cameron still needs another injection of liquid cosh though to bring him into the real world with the rest of us with comments like this "I think they [the BNP] are despicable people" use the medicine Mr Cameron while you still have time, then who knows you might one day end up as the doctor in charge of this modern asylum that is Great Britain, thats your hope isnt it!

You tell me if this good honest decent man is a despicable person, he might not be 'Lord of the Manor' who you rub shoulders with, but one thing is certain from our peasant perception down here on the ground, is that he is not the despicable person that you have categorized him as, he is the same as every comman man down here on the ground in 21st Century Britain, those of us whose country your seeking to lead: Mark Walker

Here is the medicine Mr Cameron: The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain and all of their Labour Moslem Jihadi politicians throughout the land keeping Labour in power are the despicable people because they are the ones who are destroying our homeland.

Get your facts right before you open your mouth again like the last time when you placed the innocent people of the British National Party in the same category as the Islamic extremists trying to take our country over and enforce sharia law upon the population.

It was obvious that Labour were going to attack any public endorsement of the British National Party by any Conservative politician because they are all loony left wing liberals who are handing our country over to Europe and opening the door of our land up to the worlds immigrant population.

Its about time the Conservative party got a bit of backbone and rebuffed and deflected such unfounded and unjustified comments, yet the only defence at the moment is "racist, hate mongering, BNP" - You do not help yourselves with that type of attitude towards the British people who agree with absolutely everything the British National Party say.

The British people want a government who is going to protect them and change things because all this country has become under Labours rule is a Third World Nation where anarchy rules the streets, Islam threatens our way of life and the armies of Europe have invaded, transforming our Nation into the dust bin of Europe, is it any wonder that 4000 people a week are leaving this country because of the 10 years of this Labour governments miss-management of our British affairs?

What voters are left once the British people have left this Island?

It will be the immigrants who were imported into our country as useful idiots by this Labour government, to work as slaves in our labour controlled industry and then 'X' marks the spot on the voters sheet for the new masters of these human vultures - New Labour - New Britain

Click here to read the public endorsement of the BNP: The Light of sense


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Anonymous said...

I have read various articles on this website and must say that I generally strongly agree.

There is one point I would like to make which I have not seen addressed anywhere. Many years ago I had the bad taste to know a Muslim well who was involved with mosques. What I am saying here is straight from the horses mouth.

He told me that the Muslims have not come here to live, but to take over (which we know already). He also told me that the Muslim Council in Bradford is not a religious council, but a government in waiting. They have appointed somebody there for every ministerial post in Westminster. They are waiting for the time to be right, and then they can just step in and take over, having already set up their government and their people in post.

The "Islamic Kingdom" is more advanced than we think and a real danger. I am glad that people are beginning to protest against it.