23 September 2007

Gordon Brown's legal fraudsters

"Arrest them and lock them up the people cry"

The legal fraudsters

While this Labour Government that has been in power for far too long allows our Country to be invaded be all an sundry in their 'conquest' to destroy our British homeland and ultimately our Western Civilization. Those in positions of power who are allowing this to happen to the innocent and stupid peasant people are abusing their role's and positions as elected governors over the reigns of power in England by committing fraud which is made legal by those committing the fraud because they are the ones who create the laws of our land to rule over us the peasants in the first place, so one rule for the peasants and another for those sitting high and dry in positions of power and influence over us.

The good hard working peasant of England goes out to work each day 40+ hours a week and at the end of it pays their 'Government enforced' taxes from what they have earned into the Governments tax paying pot so as to pay for the running and up keep of their British homeland.

Look at what these legal managers of that tax money are doing with those hard earned taxes - Screwing the peasants of their taxes for their own personal gain.

These 'legal fraudsters' earn so much money from their jobs that they do not want to lose their positions of influence and power over this land, because they have a blank cheque in life paid for by you the innocent and stupid peasant with your hard earned taxes to pay for all of their hearts desires.

Wouldn't you just love to have a blank cheque for you and your families hearts desires like these people?

Is it any wonder that these treasonous traitors to the British people are allowing our homeland to be Islamified by the Islamic Kingdom in our midst so that they can be guaranteed their votes so they can be assured to stay in power for another term and receive their modern luxurious lifestyle paid for by you the innocent peasant of England.

So while these elected governors allow Islam to destroy our British society and homeland, allow all of Europe to invade and take our jobs from the British people so that the taxes continue rolling into the pot without any dissent from the British people, and allow Great Britain to become a lawless third world land covered with murder and anarchy, those who are sitting at the top allowing this to unfold are sitting back laughing, fat from the wealth of the land at our expense, the innocent peasant whose country this is.

How much longer before the bubble bursts and these people are held accountable by the British justice system that is in place to protect the people of this land and not the corrupt, lying thieves at the top who are using the management of the affairs of England for their own personal and political gains?

Cabinet husband and wife cash in on two homes loophole

Cabinet husband-and-wife team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have been accused of exploiting Commons expenses rules to buy a £655,000 home and get their children into a top state school.

The pair, who were both promoted by Gordon Brown, have registered their four-bedroom North London house as a 'second home' under parliamentary rules, which entitles them to allowances of up to £44,000 a year to subsidise their £438,000 mortgage.

They also have a 'weekend' property in Yorkshire, which they used to call their second home. But by instead declaring their more expensive London house to be their secondary residence, they can claim more money from taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

keep fighting the good fight people are watching

Anonymous said...

There are many divergent commentators, both from the religious view and the political view, that believe the confusion and destruction of what was once the certainty of the security of the people within a well governed society, has been manufactured and is being actively promoted by these bribe taking grease balls who cannot wait for Britain to be destroyed and her independence and wealth squandered and sucked up by the iniquitous project known as the European "Union" (ha-ha)
This E.U. being just one face of the emerging global government so desired by the traitors of their homelands. (How else can they control the mess they have made, be honest?)
While they masquerade fake wars in countries like Afghanistan, and cod the people into believing it will make them safer, they are already planning the next phases of total control.
With every stabbing and shooting that is reported by the snuffling hogs around the journalistic trough, these besuited creatures of darkness parade themselves before the TV cameras so they can show their "deep concern" and thus prepare the befuddled minds of the ordinary folk, thereby easing their acceptance of yet more new laws that the bewigged charlatans in the halls of Justice can wrap their oily tongues around as they dream of the cricket scores and the ample bosoms of their housekeeper or some well endowed jurer!
Thus the old world of democratic entitlement is chained and nailed to the cross of the brave new tommorrow where all citizens shall be equally enslaved to these sons of bitches. (sorry, I could think of no better phrase.)
The forthcoming signing of the "Treaty", the last in the formation of the new Europe will be the end of the "Shires" with Britons finding themselves residents, not of ancient historical lands, but mere "regions" and "areas, to be known merely by letters.
So they hope, these insects of venom and disease, to inject their vile vision like a verminous virus parasite into the blood of Nationhood, with all the slate of history wiped clean.
The Queen herself has been usurped to sign away our proud past, by each and every new EU Treaty. I hope at least that it was not by Her own desire, as that would make the Crown complicit in this dastardly treason.
If I were Muslim, I would say it was all another step in the fall of the West, and proof that jesu Isa and the mahdi were about to return to Earth to lead all Muslims to victory.
If I were a Christian, I might say that Jesus is returning to fulfil the Revelation and that soon, thousands of souls would be raptured up to Heaven as the Tribulation begins before the final Judgement.
I am though, a poor citizen, dismayed at the deception of the population, the coercion of the Forces that serve the Crown, and can only watch as the men-in-suits lead us towards a Livingstonian Marxist Utopia that they have cleverly dressed as sensible market economy. A dream that only puffed up weekend hippy-dippy University students could have lapped up from their Commie lecturers, back in the 60's and 70's. "Oh yes, we smoked pot, but it didn't get us high" they all sing, as they allow legislation to pass that will allow scientists to meddle with living foetuses and combine them into unheard of creatures, "for the sake of medical research!"
You lying bastards, spell out the truth, "for the sake of the back-handers you are taking from big-business." And I am sorry, ladies, laws that allow the destruction of life, unwanted, as these same "scientists" perfect new ways of sucking living babies from your bodies.
Laws also, sorry gentlemen, and I have no interest in what you do in your own home, that "legalise" the shoving of anything up any orifice in some sad search for temporary pleasure.
See, that was the beauty of what was known as "Democracy," before these thuggish wimps of Whitehall added the word "Liberal" to it.
Just to suit themselves ("ooh, suits youu, Sir") And so like creepy taylors asking which side ones willy hangs, before they cut the cloth, every one can pick and mix their own idea of democratic politics until they have just the right shade to suit their own fantasy.
So too our dear old Bishops, once bashing, but now more bashed, try to stir up a religious colour scheme more attuned to modern times.
"Don't like the white walls Sir, well we'll add a touch of pink, how about that?" The only increase in their congregation is the little f-ckers crawling across the Church roof to nick the lead sheeting!
And as for Muslims telling everyone else about the perfection of their religion, well it doesn't really wash does it. For a start, if it was so perfect "back yard" why do so many queue up to get out and come to live in Europe? All the violence and war is hardly a big selling poiunt, now is it?
True, some of you are rightfully pissed off at Bushes babies bombing
civilans, but hey, why let Hezbullah set up in someones backyard, it aint very chivalrous, is it?
Well these are some of the thoughts of Chairman Nobody, and who gives a flying fig what I think. You will just all have to muddle along with the prats you elected into office.
Sorry to whinge on like this old lionheart, but hey, it was you that brought up the subject of those stupid old drones in their wigs, silently farting their lives away as they they issue out their decrees and judgements. (I was thinking about dear old Cherie Blair QC, then, and wondering how she struggles through a long day a-judgeing, while she counts up her allowances and stifles the wind escaping twixt her clasped (too much pasta and red wine) buttocks, before openin her ample mouth to let out some more.
Hope you had a chuckle, chums.
Lets have a little whistle now, "always look on the bright side..."

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
We are watching, signed GCHQ

Anonymous said...

Corruption has spread rapidly, like a malignant cancer, throughout the political, media, academic, 'religious', business,
'showbiz', arts/literature world here in the 'liberal, democratic' West. And those are only the sections of public life I can recall at the moment.

Corruption now reigns all over the world - in the 'free' West almost (?)as much as in the totalitarian,
mainly fundamentalist Moslem, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

And we, the 'simple' people remain its main victims - Corruption's Cannon Fodder...!

Heaven Help us all.
Jewish Lady

Anonymous said...

Time to resurrect Mr Guy Fawkes and his merry men. Plastic explosives would do better this time. Terry