19 September 2007

Great Britain - Immigrants Heaven on Earth

The people of the United Kingdom have become complete and utter fools in the eyes of Europe and around the World as everyone throughout the World who wants to seek out the green green grass of England and the 'fertile ground' it has become for whatever their aims in life are, whether it be Islamic terrorism or organised crime just set out on the journey to soft touch Britain because the people of this land have become 'weak and pathetic' and welcome these 'international undesirables' in because of the policy of our "Ruling Elite" and then give them free housing, free money, free health care, a free education, and guess what? You the good and decent hardworking British peasant are the one paying for all of these new arrivals and the free gifts they are seeking out in "soft touch Britain".

The destruction of our homeland, its way of life and our children and grandchildren's future's is happening now in this generation, the facts in our society as reported by the media clearly speak for themselves...

If it is not Islamic extremism from within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against us, seeking to change our way of life to fall in line with their Islamic way - Sharia law - then we have large numbers of European invaders transforming the identity of our towns and cities.

If as a British citizen you think that changing our British way of life, its heritage, culture and identity is a good thing then I question your sanity and loyalty to this country and the 'British Crown' which is the ultimate authority over this once Beautiful Green land, of which the Queen is still Sovereign Ruler, and you are in no way a Patriot who stands by the sacrifices of blood, sweat and tears that our forefathers made on the horrific battlefields of the World during the last century for us their children and this our inheritance and homeland.

We are in a new century now and the innocent peasant people of Great Britain are being abandoned, subjugated and stripped of their homeland by 'dark forces' who are out for themselves, stripping our country like 'asset strippers' making themselves wealthy beyond our peasant minds wildest imaginations, destroying our way of life and the land that we posses so as to fill their 'vast store houses' and become the new rulers of Great Britain, thus destroying the British Monarchy turning it into nothing more than a tourist attraction, again making more money for those who are in charge of this asylum that Great Britain, mine and your homeland has become.

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Here are two articles from today's Daily Mail to give you food for thought.

Romanians living in UK carry out 1,000 crimes in six months

The influx of Romanian migrants has led to an explosion in crime in this country, it emerged last night.

As recent members of the EU, Romanians have had free access to Britain only since January 1.

Yet in the first six months of this year, police say, they were responsible for 1,080 offences.

Continue reading:
The Daily Mail

Police struggling to cope with influx of migrants

A Chief constable says the influx of East European migrants has left her force struggling to cope.

Julie Spence warned that more officers were needed to deal with an increase in traffic offences and crimes such as prostitution.

The Cambridgeshire chief constable accused the Government of "short-changing" her force, and called for extra funding. Her views are likely to be shared by other forces who are having to police at least 700,000 arrivals from the former Eastern Bloc.

Continue reading: The Daily Mail

4,000 People a week trying to leave the U.K

BRITAIN is facing a mass exodus of people looking to escape the crime and grime of modern living.

The country’s biggest foreign visa consultancy firm has revealed that applications have soared in the last seven months by 80 per cent to almost 4,000 a week. Ten years ago the figure was just 300 a week.

Continue reading: The Daily Express

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