7 September 2007

Drugs & 3 Moslem men Charged over triple Murder

Two Moslem men have been charged with three counts of murder and two attempted murders and the third man charged with Class A drug offences.

Stevenage where the assailants are from is 15 minutes from Luton which is home to Fortress Bury Park, Al Qaeda's front line in their low level civil war against Great Britain.

Triple death police charge three

Three charged over triple murder

How long before this type of behaviour by our Pakistani Moslem guests running their highly lucrative trade in Al Qaeda Heroin direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan becomes the norm for Great Britain?

It is now the norm for them to be running this business in death, it is now the norm for them to be using their drugs to prostitute British and European women and children out onto our streets, it is now the norm for them to be grooming children for sex and paedophile rings and it will soon be the norm for them to commit such bloodshed as they seek to enforce themselves upon us, forcing those of us on the ground into a position of Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation.

Where is the British underworld while all of this is going on in their midst to their kinsfolk by alien Moslem invaders?



Anonymous said...

These loathsome, insidious parasites have infested the Body Politic of Britain and are swarming, multiplying and releasing their toxins as they suck the lifeblood out of the nation.

To save the body, they must be purged as one would purge other vile invertebrate vermin, such as intestinal hookworms.

Otherwise the parasites will fatally weaken the host, and eventually destroy it.

Anonymous said...

The underwold is strong. But it is not directly political. However, expect that when push comes to shove, these cowardly acts will not go unpunished. The contacts of these savages should be fearing for their lives, this act was far and beyond anything even the Krays would have dreamed of.
Their spirit and kin-folk are alive and well though.

Lionheart said...

Thank you for dropping by and commenting anonymous.

In times of war all sections of the British community must pull together for the sake of everyone and most importantly our children and grandchildrens futures in this their homeland.

You say the underworld is strong but no directly political which is good because the streets are the British people's first line of defence and in my opinion Great Britian is losing this very first war front within our own land, so if it is strong then what is the response.

This triple shooting is the state of play within the field that those in that arena are now facing.

Is the Underworld strong enough to defeat the armies of Al Qaeda trained terrorists who are now walking their streets?

We are all walking into a whole new ball game and people need to wake up to that fact and start aligning themselves for the sake of our British homeland.

7/7 and the failed london bombings are just the start and a sign of things to come.

London is Britains battle ground and from an outsiders view it has been taken over with no resistance on the ground.

What is it now like for you and your children living in inner city London in the 21st Century?

It is good to know that their spirit and kinsfolk are alive an well but do the British people know this, do the people of Britain have in their minds the reassurance that Britains own are on their side through the darkness?

People have sought to intimidate me on behalf of Pakistani Moslems, showing where their loyalties lye to the British people.

I can only hope that this has been a lie aimed at me by those involved seeking to scare me, out of their ignorance, from the truth.

God knows the truth and all truth is set before His eyes and is in His hands.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Sorry just to clarify those guys who are suspected of killing the three men in bishopstortford were hindu (Indian) and the sons are half scottish