5 September 2007

Book Release: War of the Web

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Everyone reading this blog from around the World will know of Abu Hamza, the one eyed, hook handed Islamic monster from London who was left roaming the streets of Great Britain for many years by our ‘Multi cultural’ Government and suicidal Politically Correct police force and security services, left ‘alone’ freely to radicalize recruit and build his Western born Islamic army ready for Al Qaeda’s global Islamic war against America, Israel and the Western World.

He and his Finsbury Park Mosque were at one time known around the world as a haven and sanctuary for Al Qaeda terrorists who were flocking to London as a safe destination when on the run from their terrorist exploits in other lands. Many known Western born Islamic terrorists who have either died in their pursuit to murder us or been caught in the process are traced back to this monster and his ‘pit’ in Finsbury Park London.
He was linked to James Ujaama the Al Qaeda operative in America who was seeking to set up training camps in Oregon with Hamza and Abu Izzadeen the Moslem bully from London who brings shame upon the British African community by his actions.

These blood thirsty Moslem monsters because that is what they are if you listen to their heinous hate filled murderous words aimed at us who are not Moslem, are role models for the English speaking Moslem youth within America and Great Britain. They have recruited and radicalized a whole generation to their global war, setting our countries ablaze on the ground with Moslem anger, hatred and rage against the infidel (you and me) that has been successfully channeled by their local Islamic leaders into Jihad (Holy War) against us and our innocent non-Moslem societies.

These men along with others are the precursors of the war that is now developing and unfolding in our lands, they have helped lift Al Qaeda’s banner for Jihad, being some of the first Islamic leaders of the global war to set foot upon infidel soil, plant the Islamic flag upon our soil and then declare Islamic dominance, supremacy and war against the infidel to the newly established Islamic Kingdom that has arisen in our midst, arousing their Moslem brothers from within to hate, fight and murder us for Allah and Islam

This book – War of the Web – is the inside account of how Abu Hamza, James Ujaama and Abu Izzadeen were finally exposed for what they are, dangerous hate filled warmongering “Enemies of the State and the Civilized World” who have absolutely no place or right to ever walk our innocent streets again.

There is the Government and political spin in the media about these men and who they are. There have been outside observers who have written accounts about these men and how they were finally brought to justice. But this book is the truth, breaking down all of the lies, spin and myths surrounding these modern day Hannibal Lecters who were allowed to walk freely upon our streets. This is the truthful in-depth first hand account written by those people from the inside who took it upon themselves to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to ensnare and then finally have these blood thirsty Islamic monsters imprisoned for our safety. This book should act as well sourced, fact based documented evidence as to why these Moslem monsters should ‘never ever’ walk our innocent streets again, for the safety, security and human rights of every innocent peace loving citizen of the civilized world.

Glen Jenvey, Jonathan Galt, Jeremy Reynalds and the others who are talked about within the pages of the book saw the danger that was heading our way by Radical Islam that we and our children were facing, so joined forces using each others knowledge, skills, abilities and talents, to lure and then ensnare these blood thirsty Islamic beasts through the internet, capturing hard evidence against them that could and was used in a court of law to cage these sub-human specimens of the human race and protect our civilized societies.

As with many accounts from people sounding the alarm of the war mongering Moslems from within the Islamic Kingdom that is arising in our midst, the calls to have these extremely dangerous men removed from our innocent streets by our Police force who are employed by the ‘hardworking taxpayers’ of this country to protect the British public fell on deaf ears which is why they were left for so long to roam our streets, preaching hatred and murder against you and me. This book details the lengths that Glen Jenvey his colleagues had to go to, to finally have these men arrested and then removed from the human population, thus making our communities and countries a slightly safer place and should act as a wake up call to all of us out of our complacency.

Within the pages of this book you will catch a glimpse of the horrific legacy that these Moslem monsters have left behind within a Moslem community near to where you are living, now that they have set the fire for the modern Jihad burning brightly amongst the human cess-pool of their Western born Moslem brothers and sisters living in our lands.

Once you have read this book you will have a better understanding and grasp of what is going on in the community next door to you that you knew nothing about, behind closed doors where Islamic life is out of sight and out of mind from me and you – The Non-Moslems

What happens on the ground within Great Britain has a direct impact upon what happens within America and because of our loony left wing liberal British Elite, and their treachery towards the people of Great Britain and our children, Great Britain has become the global hub for International Islamic terror and a major frontline in the global Jihad to destroy the West, with the innocent non-Moslem British tax payer feeding, housing and even giving money to this enemy in our midst who is at war with us – The modern Lunacy of 21st Century Britain

Here in Britain and especially London we are the stepping stone and launch pad into America which in the Moslem mind is the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century.

There is a War raging in the world outside of your front door; it is a modern war with modern weapons. Throughout history communication has been as important as any other tool in an armies weaponry, if you cannot direct and align your troops in battle or call for reinforcements then there is no order just chaos in the midst of ‘bloody war’.

It has become startlingly clear to everyone that with the advent of technology the internet has become one of the most ‘powerful weapons’ in modern warfare. We can now communicate from the shadows with anyone, or any amount of people, from anywhere in the world within a split second, and all at the simple click of a button from the comfort and security of our own homes or in the comfort hidden in a cave somewhere.

The Islamic world is using the internet to raise, radicalize, recruit and train their global army within every Nation on Earth while those of us within the civilized world are now seeking to educate our neighbors before it is too late, to the threat that we all now face to our very existence and the future survival of our way of life on planet Earth, because in War there can only be one winner at the end of it – Them or us no middle ground.

We all now sit comfortably at home in our own world behind our front doors with a cup of tea and a computer on the internet, going about our daily chores on the web and keeping up to date with the most recent news that is relevant to our reality. Beyond the innocent world of the web in which you surf there is unimaginable horrors of all kinds that the human mind does not bear thinking about. One part of the dark recess of the World Wide Web sitting in the shadows out of sight and mind from our innocent ignorance is Al Qaeda and their Islamic sympathizer’s most important War front “The War of the Web”. They have a free reign to speak directly to the whole of the Islamic World unhindered, recruiting, radicalizing and training their Moslem brothers from around the world through the internet to their ongoing Holy War of conquest against me and you – The Infidels

The Internet in the hands of the global Islamic army is as important a weapon as any other modern weapon in their arsenal that they posses, which is why it is so important for those of us who are awake to what is unfolding in our world to educate ourselves to the importance of the internet and how we can use it to defend ourselves from this modern onslaught against our way of life and children’s futures.

Those involved in the work contained within the pages of ‘War of the Web’ are involved in the cutting edge of tackling and defending us within the civilized world within the online war and gives each of us a clear insight into the importance of the Web in the hands of Islamic monsters like Abu Hamza, how they use the web for their own perverted blood thirsty cause to murder me and you and how they were eventually successfully ensnared and placed in cages where dangerous mammals belong.

This is a must read book for anyone who uses the internet and is concerned about the threat to our civilization that Islam poses, and it is a must read book for anyone whose eyes you are trying to open to the truth about what is now in our midst.

Everybody knows who these people are and the threat they once posed, this book tells you the truth from the inside by those modern hero’s who have dug the flag in deep and set the standard for the rest of us in defending our civilization.

The book is to be released on October 31st with all Royalties going to a homeless charity that has been set up to help vulnerable people within our Western societies. Those involved in this book and the work contained in its pages are not involved with defending you and me for money; they are turning their work back into money to help others less fortunate than themselves – Turning Darkness into Light

If you are looking for a present this Christmas that could change your loved ones life and their thinking about our 21st Century society then this is a definite ‘stocking filler’ with those receiving it unable to pass the opportunity up of reading the truth contained within its pages about these modern Islamic monsters who once walked our innocent streets.

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God bless you


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evilislam said...

This is just another tiny product resulting from the big CONSPIRACY of 1979 which was beautifuly orchestrated in my country IRAN by Britain- the rest of Europe together with great blessing of JIMMY CARTER and now it will squeeze Europ's throat and than America.

The head of Snake is in IRAN.