22 September 2007

Heroin - The inside story

This is an excellent and well presented insight into the effects of Heroin upon addicts in our society and the subsequent effect that then has on the wider community. This film shows what happens when your son or daughter gets hooked on this most potent street drug and how it completely ruins theirs and your lives turning them into desperate drug addicted zombie's living only for their next hit of Heroin and you a nerverous wreck waiting for the phone call to say the person you love is dead.

90% of the Heroin in Great Britain comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, through Pakistan and then ends up on our streets, it is owned and controlled by Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan and is being used as a 'Weapon of War' against us on our streets by 'Al Qaeda Pakistani Moslem terrorists' and sympathisers.

At every stage of the production and distribution of Heroin it funds Islam and Al Qaeda's Holy War against our Western Civilization. They pump our society with this 'Elixir' of Jihad, destroying young lives and making billions in the process that goes straight back into financing their Holy War against us in other ways.

They cannot lose with Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Luton & Dunstable where I live typifies the situation with Heroin and how it is being used as a 'Weapon of War' against Great Britain. The multi-million pound business is owned and controlled by the Pakistani Moslem community within Fortress Bury Park who are actively and daily conducting Jihad with it against my innocent local community, killing and destroying many lives in the process of making themselves extremely rich, which then funds their paramilitary Moslem army on the streets and Al Qaeda led and inspired Holy War against Great Britain.

Heroin for the Jihad has two sides in which to cut us with, it destroys our communities, kills our youth and makes the Islamist fighters extremely rich in the process to further their Islamic ambitions against us in other ways - Win Win situation.

The streets of Luton & Dunstable and throughout Great Britain are now awash with Heroin 24/7 because of the Islamic Kingdom that has arisen upon our land, with its Pakistani Moslem inhabitants being the willing participants of the global Jihad (Holy War) by using this 'chemical weapon' against us.

You can only hope now that your son or daughter is not effected by Heroin due to how widespread the problem is because of our Pakistani Moslem neighbours from the so called 'Religion of Peace' living in the community next door to yours that you know nothing about.

Watch this film and then you will see the importance of stopping the spread of this potent chemical weapon upon our streets.

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