16 September 2007

Obsession the Movie

Please watch this 6 part youtube FoxNews film which is one of the best and most informative films you will see on the threat we in the civilized World face in relation to Islam's Holy War against us.

Part 1 - Obsession
Part 2 - Obsession
Part 3 - Obsession
Part 4 - Obsession
Part 5 - Obsession
Part 6 - Obsession

Website: Radical Islam's War against the West

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Ducky's Here said...

Oh what a disappointment. I was hoping for a lively discussion of Visconti's "Ossessione".

This appears to be some fodder for fascist white supremacists.

Anonymous said...

"This appears to be some fodder for fascist white supremacists."

a documentary on militant fanatics is a fodder for fascist white supremacists? and it's only whites that are killed by these "religious" nazis? Someone's just had a lobotamy I see. Does it still hurt Ducky?

Anonymous said...

Ducky is merely an islamist who likes to write rubbish even when faced witht the truth.
Have you ever met an islamist who could face/admit the truth?
Remember, they like to bash their heads while praying and if you listen closely to their rantings, they are saying 'I'm a stupid fuck who can never get it right.'

Anonymous said...

The movie is good and important to see. I say by being a faitjful muslim from Iran. These people make use of Islam for their own political interests.
By the way: In the middle ages, the christians were the radical ones and muslims were more peaceful. At that time the pope said that the religion of Allah is satanic AND that every muslim has to be killed in the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy spirit. Most christians agreed with this. (They remind me a lot to these phony muslims or radicals of today in the middle east.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, their own political interests are defined by the Quran. It's the Jihad, dude. The duty of every faithful Muslim. Your view of the middle ages is obviously biased. The middle ages are generally accepted as the 5th through 16 centuries, or until the beginning of the Renaissance period. That covers a hell of a lot of the history of bloody Muslim conquest. Try reading Robert Spencer's book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades). You'll come away from the read with a better understanding of the history of the period you refer to.

So, you tell us this movie is about phony Muslims. I'm calling bullshit. But nice taqyia, dude.

-Not anonymous, I'm Richard

Anonymous said...

I watched all 6 episodes and found myelf reeling afterwards. It reminds me of something a friend of mine (who was studying in the seminary) once said to me...that "man's greatest sin is his inhumanity towards his fellow man".

Killing in the name of god is hardly anything new. It's been going on for centuries. But, never on this grand of a scale.

Should we be frightened. Perhaps. Should we be prepared...absolutely.

Seems to me that these extremist Muslims are guilty of one of the greatest sins of all, that of PRIDE...believing that THEIR way is THE way.

Will mankind ever learn?

Dr. A. A. Ahmed said...

The movie is a small drop from the hatred that the Muslim world feels toward the non-Muslim people. However, in my view the movie made false distinction between Radical Islam and "Good Islam". Then it blamed the Radical Islamists for all the hatred the Muslims have toward the rest of the world.
Why doesn't the movie quoted the Verse of the Sword in Al-Touba 9: 5 and 9: 29? Why it omited the hadiths of the prophet Muhammad in which he said, "I have been commanded to fight all people until they bear witness that there is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" or "I have been granted victory through Terror?"
The contemporary Indian philosopher, Swami Vivekananda says “every step forward was made with the sword -- the Qur’an in the one hand and the sword in the other: Take the Qur’an, or you must die; there is no alternative!” (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol II, pp. 369-370).
Swami Vivekanada also says, “Think of what Mohammad did to the world, and think of the great evil that has been done through his fanaticism! Think of the millions massacred through his teachings, mothers bereft of their children, children made orphans, whole countries destroyed, millions upon millions of people killed . . .” (Ibid. Vol I, p. 184).
Commenting on Muslims’ attitudes toward non-Muslims Swami Vivekanada says, “Their watchword is: There is one God, and Mohammad is his Prophet. Everything beyond that not only is bad, but must be destroyed forthwith: at a moment’s notice, every man or woman who does not exactly believe in that must be killed; everything that does not belong to this worship must be immediately broken; every book that teaches anything else must be burnt. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, for five hundred years blood ran all over the world. That is Mohammedanism!” (Ibid, Vol IV, p. 126).

Anonymous said...

Only just caught up with this thread.
Some really great comments, and thanks for reminding us what the sage Vivekanada had to say about Islam.
Written from first hand observation.

Oh no, twittering Duckie is back.
Hasn't he got a home of his own?

The faithful Muslim from Iran, above, reminds us that there are swathes of Muslims who don't like the version of Islam that is pushed by the Mid-East.
It reminds also, that Islam is split in two and that is all the better for us unbelievers.

Fitna was toned down to try to get as wide a release as possible, but even that did not prevent it being banned by Dutch (all) TV stations.
That it is out there is good enough.
There are many more such movies waiting to be made.