18 September 2007

Oona King for London Mayor

I read an article recently in the Sunday Mail regarding the ex-MP Oona King and her battle with the British Moslem wolf tamer George Galloway and what struck me was that Oona King would be an ideal candidate for the London Mayor position as long as she was not a 'loony left wing liberal' (I do not know politics so I do not know), she did mention in the article that she was classed as a Blair babe which is frighteningly worrying considering the monster Blair was to the innocent peasant people of Britain though, so I can only hope in my ignorance that the affairs of the innocent people of Britain would come above any loyalty to the modern Sheriff of Nottingham that Blair and his cronies are/where.

Article can be read here:
The Sunday Mail

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If there is not a serious contender put forward for the London Mayor's position then the people of London are inevitably going to be stuck once again with the wretched demon driven manipulative racist Ken Livingstone which means the innocent people of London will be walked into a darker Islamified future as more Mosque's arise within our Capital City, along with the Mega Mosque which would be the largest in Europe and become the hub for Islam in Great Britain of which Mayor Livingstone is the biggest advocate - All for the Moslem block vote to keep him in power thus feeding his demonic lust and thirst for control over others at the complete expense of Great Britain and its British way of life.

At this moment in time the only contender that is being publicised is Boris Johnston who in reality has no chance of ever winning this prestigious role, it seems that he is the 'fall guy' put forward by the powers that be who are behind London's most blatant racist 'old Kenny boy'.

Oona King is no longer a Labour MP so could stand as an independent and has shown that she has the fighting spirit within her to challenge for this position after the horrendous psychological battle and physical attack that George Galloway and his British wolves inflicted upon her and her family, and she is accepted by all sections of the community within London as working in Bethnal Green & Bow from 1997 - 2005 has shown.

Mrs. King could then thank the British wolf tamer and his wolves for their racist and illegal circus show that forced her out of the political marquee and then get to work serving the people of London with a greater understanding of what we the peasants of our land have to put up with.

The whole of Great Britain now lives under Institutional enforced intolerance against the people of Great Britain who do not toe the right political line or view point for their homeland in the face of its destruction from within, so why Old Kenny boy is still London Mayor and set to keep the reigns of power for even longer is any ones guess considering how blatantly racist he is. It seems that when he messes up like the fool that he is, his masters get to work deflecting the attention of his outbursts and complete incompetence and then brush him down to get on with his continued miss-management and destruction of London.

Modern British leaders care more about the ethnic communities of our countries votes more than they do of the heirs of this land and old Kenny boy is no different, he is openly and blatantly anti-Semitic so as to assure himself the block vote from the Moslem community in London and more recently he had a public display of crying, seeking to assure the African bloke vote. This type of behaviour is nothing more than manipulation, using innocent Jewish people as 'blood' for the Moslem wolves and playing on the feelings of the African community over something our country and government has already apologised over - Please somebody remove this man before it is too late for all of us and especially the Heart of our homeland "London" time is swiftly running out.

Who would you prefer running the affairs of our Capital City, Oona King the ex-human rights activist who cares about all people, or the racist bigot Kenny Livingstone who parades the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood around our Capital as if he is Royalty?


Continued: Ken Livingstone - The devil in disguise


Obob said...

I'm sorry your stuck with a lousy selection. We have a wonderful mayor in Indianapolis who plants beautiful trees and places lovely statues, but the crime and murder rate is growing. The police are about to lose record numbers to retirement and a school system where he will sellout the best man for job to gather political favor.

Lionheart said...

Modern lunacy Obob that is now rampant in our socities because the patients are now in charge of the asylum.

Lets just hope that through what we do, we can awaken people to the truth before it is too late.

Maybe it is too late?

Go bless you


Anonymous said...

It figures that someone like you would support Oona King - she must be so proud!

Lionheart said...

It has got to be better than your man for the job 'old Kenny boy'.

anyway what are you wasting your time coming onto my blog for if thats what you think of me.

You show by your actions that you are an 'archetypal' patient in the modern asylum, your freinds and family must be so proud of you.

Please drop by again, Im sure there will be more intresting stuff to educate yourself with, who knows, your freinds and family might one day not be embarassed about you anymore.

God bless you Mr. Anonymous...

Anonymous said...

London needs someone like you, Lionheart, for Mayor. We can dream can't we? Sometimes dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

oona King? not even a Brit?

what are you taking?

ruled by a non Brit!!!!!, NEVER!

by non Brit I of course mean non Indigenous, a Foreigner to these shores, no non Brit is ever going to tell me what to do, I would sooner commit a suicide bombing thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice try, anonymous above, but no banana.

You're either a liberal intellectual twit trying to stir up trouble and besmirch this blog, or an old fashioned right winger with old fashioned views.

If you are the former, are you sure that isn't your subconscious speaking? I've found that deep down, the liberals are more racist than anyone else - perhaps that's why they whine about it - to compensate :-)

If the latter, please come along to meetings of genuine right wing freedom protectors. We understand your angst, but it is misguided, and like a wounded animal, you are attacking the wrong target. This is not a time for indulging in personal and subjective views - the threats we all face are too big for that. I hope that you can come to see the bigger picture, and move on to a more constructive stance, which helps rather than hinders those trying to protect our Western freedoms. You may well have had some bad experiences and I certainly cannot dispute the legitimacy of those. But please understand that the battles we now face are so serious that they do not leave room purely personal attitudes.