22 September 2007

The modern Invasion of Great Britain

The loony left wing liberals who are in charge of the modern asylum do not care about the modern invasion of Great Britain because they believe in a 'Utopian dream world' where these Iraqi, Afghani and Iranians are our friends and will add to their voting public to keep them in their positions of Power, influence and extremely high paid jobs. I thought that Gordon Brown might have been different from the 'monster' Tony Blair and stood with his kinsfolk through this dark age brought upon us by the mismanagement by our leaders - It seems that I was wrong.

Those Patriotic loony Left wing liberals out there (thats if there is such a thing) forget that the Islamic World is at War with us seeking for the complete detstruction of our way of life so that they can enforce an Islamic one upon us, and that many of these modern invaders are State sponsored Moslem terrorists seeking out our land for their leaders, to conquer it with their Islamic Kingdom that is already here and in place.

If you look across the political landscape across the whole of our Country you will see that a large proportion of Labour's minions working in local Government and controlling what happens to our Country are Moslem's from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, do you really think that these guests within our Nation care about who we allow in?

Of course they do not when they are guests themselves and think everyone is welcome in soft touch Britain like them, including global terrorists.

The Iraq's, Iranian's and Afghani's are 99.9% Moslem so are a part of the Moslem Ummah (global family), so those who now have a large say in what happens to the running of our Country on the ground have got absolutely no loyalty to our Nation and welcome in these potential guerrilla soldiers to our midst to quicken the destruction and ultimate conquest of this land from the British people and then the enforcement of Islam upon society - It is underway now as you are reading this.

As a descendant of this land how do you feel about what is happening to your homeland, your children and grandchildrens future's and the future that is now being enforced upon us, the peasants and rightful heirs of this our once safe and secure Nation that was handed down to us from such Great leaders like Sir Winston Churchill?

Your children now face the consequences of your silence and inaction, they will say what did you do, why did you allow this to happen?

What will your answer be?

French riot police battle the migrants queueing to get into Britain

Riot police are patrolling French ports to combat the increasing violence caused by illegal immigrants bound for Britain.

The authorities in Calais, Cherbourg and Dunkirk have complained they are increasingly powerless to cope with the growing numbers congregating in makeshift camps.

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evilislam said...

For your information IRAN would have been free from EVIL ISLAM if The Lovely British -American scenario was not Written in LONDON and passed to Evil Jimmy Carter in 1979 which was resulted in British Ayattolah Khomeini bloody revolution and at the same time hugely profitable for The West and Britain in particuilar .

IRAN would be the first state to kick Evil ISLAM out to where it came from 1427 years ago ,so please get your facts RIGHT.

Lionheart said...

I was not long born in 1979 so whatever happened then means nothing to me, we are now in 2007, so what is happening now means something to me.

How things have transipired is history, how things develop is the future.

My facts are based on the present not 30 years ago so you will see that i do have my facts right 'evilislam'.


Anonymous said...

tut tut!
Our Iranian friend makes a valid point. What Britain and the US did back in 79, whether we were born or not, has created where we are now.
He's right about that pea-nut picking Demonazi Jeemy Carter, without Western collusion, the Khomenei would never have been welcomed back to Iran, and we would not now be standing on the brink of war. Like you say that's old hat now. Remember the words of Winston (and Burke) that a Nation that forgets it's past, imperils it's future.
There are many Iranians still at refuge in the UK who cannot go back to the land of Armenedjhad and his dreams of National genocide.

Lionheart said...

I stand corrected.

God bless you