4 September 2007

Moslem Gang-Rape of 12 year old girl


Six years for rapist who invited friends to prey on lost 12-year-old girl

A 12-year-old girl was raped up to 15 times by four men after she was abducted as she asked for directions to her home, a court was told.

The child was lured into a car by Shakil Chowdhury, 39, who drove her to his house. There she was plied with alcohol and attacked by Chowdhury and three others. Afterwards he drove her home.

Chowdhury was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to six charges of rape. Detectives are still hunting the other members of the gang.

Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, was told that the attack took place last October after the victim became lost while walking in Oldham. She was trying to get home and asked passers by for directions as she walked in the Werneth area.

Chowdhury, who lived two miles away in Chadderton, spotted the girl and encouraged her to get into his car. When she got in she told him her name, address and age. However, Chowdhury asked her if she would like to go to his home with him, and the girl agreed, feeling that she could trust him. But, when the pair got to Chowdhury’s house, he gave her alcohol before taking her upstairs and telling her to lie on the bed. Police said that the girl felt “extremely frightened”, but agreed to his request.

He then raped her. After he had left the room a second man came in and sexually assaulted the girl.

During the evening Chowdhury was said to have raped the victim a total of 11 times, using different beds within the house. He also invited two other men to rape her. Chowdhury then took the girl home, asking if he could take her phone number before he left.

The girl raised the alarm when she got home and police identified Chowdhury’s address as the place where the offences took place.

Passing sentence Judge Roger Thomas, QC, ordered Chowdhury to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Chief Inspector Mary Doyle, of Oldham CID, said: “This child was subjected to a terrifying and prolonged attack from Chowdhury and his associates. One of the first things she told him was her name and age, so there is no doubt that he was aware how young she was.

“Chowdhury’s actions that evening would have been unacceptable on a woman of any age, but to carry out this sort of attack on a 12-year-old child is simply abhorrent.

“His victim has shown a great deal of bravery throughout this case. I hope her bravery and the resulting conviction will encourage other victims to come forward, safe in the knowledge that Greater Manchester Police will investigate any complaints fully and take robust action against the people responsible.”


Anonymous said...

Only 6 years? I guess he'll serve far less if he 'behaves well'. What then? Will he go and seek revenge on that poor girl for turning him in?

60 years & castration would have been too lenient a punishment for him and his ilk.

But our modern, caring, merciful judges consider the rights of the abusers of greater importance under our liberal Law & Order system than showing that Justice has been done for their victims.

Of course, it could be that the judge sort of wished he'd been invited to the scene of the abuse too....!!! If you get my meaning!

Justice & mercy are only for the criminals. The victims can go to hell.....

Jewish Lady

Anonymous said...

Here are the sentencing guidelines for rape in the UK.

Presumably this particular rapist was given such a light sentence to avoid the nightmare scenario of 'offending a muslim'.

5 years’ imprisonment for an offence with NO AGGRAVATING OR MITIGATING FEATURES;

8 years’ imprisonment, for cases where certain specified aggravating features are

15 years plus for a defendant who has carried out a campaign of rape;

life imprisonment, which is said to be ‘not inappropriate’ where the offender’s
behaviour ‘has manifested perverted or psychopathic tendencies or gross
personality disorder, and where he is likely, if at large, to remain a danger to
women for an indefinite time’.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a sick and wicked cult. Get back to your desert's you camel fuckers.

Anonymous said...

He got six years, he got six bloody years.!!!
how the hell is that suppose to help. just get him off the streets for six years. That isnt justice, he will just go prey on some other litle girl. and hurt her like he did to that other girl. what kind of punishment is six years if you destroy some little girls hope, dreams and feeling of safety. she is never going to be confident enough to do anything that involves other people because that mothaf*cker took that away. why don't u just let him walk the streets in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

fuck all those who blame islam for this pricks actions. im a muslim. this asshole has commited a crime that islam says he should at worst be stoned to death. after having his nob amputated. hows that for justice. what he has done has nothing to do with islam. ignorent people.... theres priests out there who rape abuse murder girls.... does christianity say to do that. no! you think think this animal got a lieniant i think damn right. maby ud think start agreeing to shariah law rather waiting for something like this to come knocking on ure doors and then critising ure western laws.....

Anonymous said...

while it is wrong to blame ALL muslims for the actions of a few, the other 'innocent' muslims still let these people have their way, in fact many support them, shelter them and finance them. Lionheart is right, these people can never be satisfied, they wont stop till UK is 100% muslim. muslims need to understand, the desert is all they will ever own.

Anonymous said...

before i say smthing i wanna ask
the citizins of uk dont commit sins?
they dont have criminals?
they are well civilized allright?
but why?
and how?
i blame muslims just because they dont have a fuckin leadership else they are all better than any civilization on earth and they have the power to subdue all
among muslims and others, in islams these sort of sins have simple punishment and that is death
and i think it makes a sense coz i see the reaction on it, now as they strictly condemn these actions then again we hear rumours in uk courts that islam is brutal.
can u people ever spoke and stayed on one comment only?
in single mouth u all have million of tounges.
i stricltly condemn the actcion of chaudhry's if it is true.
and yes UK courts were still flexible in taking decesion, they deserve more and much more
but it does't mean all are like that
coz u people might be a good christian but not all
i dun wanna recall any story or any names
who knws who are right?
i just request to use proper words for proper people and use any word for those who deserve it, if people in UK accept islam then u dont have to be worry coz the people have the right of freedom and they can chooose what they think is best for them, GOD HELP U ALL.