11 September 2007

Julie Cox - Bedfordshire Police

I have be writing extensively over the past 6 months about the Pakistani Moslem control of the Bedfordshire Class A drug industry in Heroin & Crack cocaine and how they are using it as a weapon of War against our society for their Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

I read a shocking article in my local Sunday paper this weekend so have decided to post what I know to my blog so that everyone who wants to know what is happening in the Lewsey Farm area of Luton can read for themselves.

Julie Cox has asked for any information to know what is happening in the local area, and after this horrendous incident, the continued robberies on the estate and the murder of an innocent man, I think it is about time everybody knew what was happening in their midst, s
een as now the community lives in fear of gangs of teenage gunmen, murderers and armed robbers roaming their estate.

The first bit of information I heard about Lewsey Farm was when a good friend of mine said to me about being shocked that there are now kids on BMX bikes riding around the estate delivering Heroin & Crack cocaine to drug addicts from all over Luton.

I then found out about this man Stephen Green being murdered on his way home from work. I knew him and his family personally because they are well known in the area in which they live, I found out that he was savagely battered about the head with pool balls in a sock by a gang of teenagers in a local underpass. As soon as I read it in the paper I knew that all they would have taken from him would have been his lunchbox and I was right. This innocent man was murdered on his way home from work for his lunchbox that he carried in his rucksack bag.

Just before this horrific murder on the Lewsey Farm estate in exactly the same area there was a young mother on her way home who was surrounded by a group of armed teenagers and robbed of her mobile phone.

This is shocking violent behaviour by gangs of teenagers - What is fuelling this murderous violence?

I then spoke to a friend of mine and found out that there was a 17 - 18 year old Heroin & Crack dealer in the exact vicinity (the Birds estate) where these attacks took place, so we know that within this peer group there are Heroin & Crack dealers selling their drugs on the estate.

What fuels groups of teenagers to commit such horrific robberies against innocent women and then brutally murder someone?

Heroin & Crack cocaine is the fuel that turns young men into violent murderous social misfits who deserve to be locked up for the protection of the innocent within society.

I took the phone number directly to the police because you have a teenage Heroin & Crack dealer in the exact vicinity of a murder - Was anything done about it or is this another case of inaction?

In talking to people I found out that the main drug dealer, who is a middle manager for the Pakistani Moslem's who control the local trade in Heroin & Crack is a man who uses the name "Workout". This middle manager is running gangs of teenage drug dealers on their BMX bikes and their friends who are fuelled by the addictive power of Class A drugs to commit such barbaric and savage acts, forcing the community into silence through fear of being murdered or robbed.

The article I read this week was about a young girl of 13 having a gun pointed to her head and then her and her family being robbed of their belongings. If murder on the estate was not enough then I hope that this terrifying ordeal that a young child had to endure is, and that the community steps forward to help the police reclaim the streets from these drug fuelled savages who are roaming the community with no conscious who they rob or murder.

There has been a murder, there have been numerous armed robberies, there is this terrifying ordeal of a gun being put to the head of a 13 year old child and you have gangs of teenagers on BMX bikes pumping out Heroin & Crack cocaine.

The middle manager is "Workout" and his C.E.O's are from the Khan mafia within Fortress Bury Park who control the Heroin on our streets that comes direct from their Afghan/Pakistan Al Qaeda contacts.

It seems that Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad is having its desired effect upon our 21st Century British society.

No one can say that this type of behaviour is acceptable because what if it is one of your loved ones murdered, robbed or ravaged with Heroin & Crack.

Common crime is a part of life that everyone knows the rules about, this is not common crime this is violent anarchy and ultimately war against our innocent society, people have a duty and responsibility to talk to the police and help them clean up your streets of the Khan mafia and their manager "Workout" with his operation with teenagers, BMX bikes and Heroin & Crack cocaine.

What does the future hold if nothing is done?

A community in fear of the outside world because of the violent anarchy that rules the streets.

God bless you



Anonymous said...

I will post this on to all my contacts. I only hope the BNP in Luton can organise the decent people to take back the streets. Our country is a mess and the police are innefective in dealing with the problem. We need to deport the criminals and their family.
Luton is a mess and that is what the rest of the UK has got to look forward to.

Aberdeen Patriot

Anonymous said...

Cowardly police chiefs.
Cowardly M.P.'s Margaret Moran and Kelvin Hopkins.
Luton will reap the whirlwind of crime that the plague of hard drugs will bring.
Arresting a few out of their head teenagers will not stop this crimewave.
The pushers are laughing all the way to the bank or their laundering buisnesses.
The police reading this should hang their heads in shame for failing to tackle the real criminals.
Or are they afraid, or is it a case of their politically correct masters sucking up to certain groups to avoid the inevitable?
Or is someone taking bribes?