21 September 2007

Part 2 - "ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy"

Part 1 - The 'International Solidarity Movement' unmasked
Part 2 - ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy
Part 3 - What is the 'International Solidarity Movement'?
Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

Who is stupid enough to travel to 'what can be' one of the most dangerous places on Earth and act as a human shield for the murderous Islamic Palestinians Jihad (Holy War) against Israel.

The useful Western idiots of the 'International Solidarity Movement' and affiliated groups who then become trained guerrilla soldiers are who.

Indoctrinated students with loony left wing liberal views who think that we are living in a 'Utopian dream world' where Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy, and hardcore extremists and anarchists who fulfill their perverted lustful tendencies by placing themselves in harms way by violently demonstrating against what they perceive to be oppression by an aggressor are welcomed into the Palestinian led and Saudi Arabian funded 'International Solidarity Movement' fold with open arms, to be used as useful idiots by their leaders and placed in harms way by their Moslem Palestinian hosts who are at War with Israel.

If you decide to go and play about with the internal affairs of another country then you should also be prepared to pay the ultimate price for the consequence's of those actions, this is a natural law of human life.

There is serious internal and external strife within Israel with the whole of the Islamic world seeking for another Holocaust against the Jews and the complete removal of them from their tiny piece of land in the Middle East, with the Palestinians in the frontline of that War, so if you decide to align yourself with the Palestinian War against Israel then you are an enemy to the State of Israel and its innocent Jewish inhabitants - Logic tells you that.

So who in their right mind would want to go to the West Bank or Gaza to fight and cause civil disturbance's against Israel within Israel's own territory for the Palestinians? Western extremists and indoctrinated Western students who become the useful idiots of the Palestinian led 'International Solidarity Movement' and its affiliated groups.

Whatever way you look at it, if you travel to Israel to fight against Israel and its democratic 'rule of law' then it makes you an international guerrilla soldier in a guerrilla war, a war of conquest aimed against the people of Israel.

If you place yourself in harms way then you must expect the very worst to happen to you, that you may be very seriously harmed or killed, and if that happens then you only have yourself to blame because you was the stupid useful idiot who placed yourself in that position that you should not have been in in the first place. Why do you think that people call you useful idiots? Your an idiot for involving yourself in something that is not your business and at the same time you are useful to those who want to use you for their own purposes, there you go "Useful Idiot" - A bit like me aye Lee.

For the Islamic Palestinians there is nothing better in their War against Israel than for a useful Western idiot (international guerrilla soldier) to be harmed or killed in the process of fighting Israel because of the global media attention that this attracts and the subsequent demonising effect it then has on the Israeli authority and its innocent army in the eyes of the ignorant around the world.

This scenario is the very best form of propaganda possible for the Islamists cause, the worlds media turns towards this innocent Western useful idiot (international guerrilla soldier) and what has befallen them in the West bank or Gaza and then condemns Israel for its justified actions against an internal international guerrilla soldier.

The Palestinians have then won a decisive victory, the useful Western idiot has paid the ultimate price for their stupidity and Israel is further demonised by the worlds media and its ignorant populations who have no idea or understanding about the truth behind this scenario - Who wins?

There are several high profile cases of this form of very successful propaganda, the one I am going to show you here is about Brian Avery, the useful idiot who had his face blown off for being an international guerrilla soldier for the Islamic Palestinians, in the wrong place at the wrong time, luckily for him he survived to 'tell the tale' and should be a lesson for all of those other ideological useful idiots out there who are contemplating joining the ranks of the international guerrilla armies of the ISM and its affiliated groups.

Below is a picture of the ISM activist Tom Hurndell just after he was shot in the head in the Gaza strip in 2003 and below that, a picture of Brian Avery after having undergone reconstructive surgery to his face after receiving a bullet into the side of it. Both pictures should demonstrate why it is a potentially suicidal and utterly stupid idea to join the ranks of a group like the ISM and go place yourself in one of the most violent and volatile places on Earth for the Islamic world's purposes.

Lets not forget here that the Islamic Palestinian people voted Hamas into power who are in par with the most extreme Islamic movements around the world including Al Qaeda.

If you decide that you still want to join them then you should not go running to the authorities once something happens to you, that's like the little boy being told not to climb the tree, then climbing it, falling and breaking his back and then blaming others for his misfortune.

You are joining one of the Islamic worlds internal war fronts against Israel and in war there is death destruction and bloodshed, your bloodshed if you join the ranks of this insidious international guerrilla army and their affiliated groups.

Take a read here of Brian Avery's case and his legal proceedings against the Israeli army for the shooting that has left his face disfigured -
The Jerusalem Post

Short video: ISM - International soldiers



Avi said...

Have no mercy! It is time to fight!
PS Haven't seen you around in a while. Just felt like droppin by.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder, possibly treatable. islam is a mental disorder, possibly untreatable.