20 September 2007

Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel continued

As I have written previously, which is not just the norm for the Pakistani Moslem community in Great Britain, the Luton & Dunstable Taxi industry is almost totally owned and controlled by a 'mafia' of Pakistani Moslem families who are connected to the local trade in Al Qaeda's Afghani Heroin and the Jihad (Holy War) that is being conducted against our British society.

The innocent people of Luton & Dunstable which includes our women, children and elderly are forced because of this Pakistani Moslem control to have to ride with these 'Al Qaeda trained terrorists' and abide by their Islamic religious code.

It seems that someone somewhere amongst the 'powers that be' decided enough was enough and has raised this issue for the safety and security of the innocent people of Britain and used our British legal system to bring this Pakistani Moslem Taxi mafia back under British law where it belongs.

Whether it will work considering there is 11 Moslem councillors out of Labour's 17 councilor majority on the Local Council is anyones guess, but atleast there are people out there 'somewhere' who are trying to help our local community and society in the face of this frontline in Al Qaeda's low level civil war against our non-Moslem population.

In the article on Lutononline it says: "It was felt that it was the actions of these few that could damage the reputation of the trade". If 130 local Pakistani Moslem Taxi drivers who have broken the law of Great Britain is "only a few" then this gives you a glimpse into the problem that we now face with these Al Qaeda inspired Moslem's owning and controlling this important industry that helps any community function properly.

Please read the links embedded in this post so that you can see the size and scope of the problem the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face.


Cabbies facing bans as council gets tough

Rule-breakers could have licences revoked from next year

Cab drivers and operators in South Beds will soon face bans if they fail to comply with a list of rules put forward by the district council.

Rule breakers could have their licence revoked for up to a month if they fall foul of the new regulations from January next year.

Offences that could earn drivers a ban include talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving,
refusing guide dogs, charging more than agreed and refusing passengers without a reasonable excuse.

Members of South Beds District Council's licensing committee have agreed that a penalty point scheme for Hackney Carriages and private hire companies will start on January 1.

A report by council registration and licensing officer Margaret Jones said a working group had considered the point system to be the best way forward.

It stated: "They felt that there were some operators, proprietors and drivers who failed to take their responsibilities seriously and persistently breached requirements.

"It was felt that it was the actions of these few that could damage the reputation of the trade.

"Members felt that the system should offer a suitable and cost effective mechanism for recording individual breaches as well as identifying any persistent offenders."

The council will still be able to take action through the courts for serious offences.


Always On Watch said...

The word is getting out, but way too many in the West just will not face the truth.

God take care of you, LionHeart. You are in my prayers every day.

jillosophy said...

Related: from the Brussels Journal...
Norway: The Country of Peace Meets the Religion of Peace
From the desk of Fjordman on Tue, 2007-09-18 11:55
Norwegian police have discovered that a large number of Pakistani taxi drivers, many of whom have already been charged with tax evasion in one of the worst cases of welfare fraud in the nation's history, have close contact with Pakistani gangs and operate as couriers of arms and drugs. In the city of Oslo it is documented that criminal Pakistani gangs also have close ties to Jihadist groups at home and abroad. This despite the fact that Norway, a nation of peace and home to the Nobel Peace Prize, should presumably get along just fine with Islam, which is, as we all know, a religion of peace.
READ IT ALL: http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/2475