5 September 2007

New Al Qaeda plot smashed

'New Al Qaeda plot to blow up planes on September 11' smashed

Police have smashed a suspected al Qaeda terror cell plotting to bomb civilian and military jets.

The force of the planned explosions would have been worse than the train bombings in Madrid and the Tube and bus attacks in London on 7 July, 2005, according to German security sources. Those attacks killed 191 and 52 people respectively.

Three men have been arrested in Germany days before they planned to strike, and bomb-making equipment and explosives are reported to have been seized.

Officials say the attacks would have targeted Frankfurt airport - continental Europe's busiest with dozens of daily flights to Britain - and Ramstein, the USA's largest airbase outside America.

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evilislam said...

guess the religion again.

As long as this terrorist regime of Ayatollahs in Tehran is in power ,there is no peace in this world.