19 September 2007

Coming to a Town or City near you

The Dhimmi British Government and loony left wing liberal Politicians throughout Great Britain who are appeasing the Islamic Kingdom within our homeland should beware of what the future holds because of their treachery to the innocent and vulnerable people of the United Kingdom.

There are 55 - 60 million non-Moslem citizen's of the United Kingdom and when push comes to shove as it will because it is an inevitability the future holds due to the "Ruling Elite's" treason to us the peasants of this land, then there will be millions of British men who will defend their homeland and children's future's, venting their institutionally enforced anger upon the enemies of the British people, Moslem and non-Moslem alike.

Read Melanie Philips book: Londonistan

Within the 'Workings of Power' there are people responsible for what is befalling this Great Nation and our children and grandchildren's futures - A handful of individuals wealthy beyond imagination - Look at our British history that bears testimony to when the 'people' have revolted against their subjugation by treacherous rulers, the only difference in this generation is that the "Rulers" have allowed the Islamic army to grow in our midst to quench the British people's unrest .

Seats of Power have come and gone throughout the ages but the people have always lived on.

I am just stating the facts to the situation from my viewpoint as a peasant on the ground living in England, my homeland in the 21st Century.

There comes a time when enough is enough and the bubble burst with the repercussions reaching into all those dark places within our Nation that threaten the 'peace and security' of our children.

Do we jump ship for the sake of our children or do we stand and fight on all fronts, defending our inheritance, birthright and homeland as heirs of this Great Land exactly the same as our ancestral forefathers?

The line is the sand has been drawn, with 7/7 being the visible sign of the things that are to come.

Wake up before it is too late and decide whose side you are on and who you stand with because we are walking into the inevitable and as President Bush said: "Them or us, no middle ground"...


Anonymous said...

Both Britain and France made the same mistake after their colonial rule of Moslem lands ended. The war in Algeria took the lives of some 1 million people - Algerians & French "settlers"/French forces.

The French were so overcome by the brutality & ferocity of the Algerian 'freedom fighters' that De Gaulle decided to call it a day, capitulated to the will of the revolting Algerian freedom fighters & pulled out every single French man & woman, i.e. the entire population of hundreds of thousands of 'settlers'many of whom had been born in Algeria.

But then the French had another brilliant 'liberal', appeasing idea. They decided to allow any Algerian who wanted to remain a French citizen to do so & thus opened the gates to millions of
former freedom fighters & their families.

Thus began the Algeriazation of La Belle (but stupid) France & today the Moslem/Arab(plus Moslems from European, African, Asian lands) population stands somewhere around 10 to 20% of the entire population of France - & it continues to grow.

The British made the same mistake after granting independence to India/Pakistan, though the circumstances were different in that most of the struggle for independence in India was based on Gandhi's non-violence philosophy.

In the case of Indians, the retention of their British citizenship & the large scale immigration of non-Moslem Indians to Britain did not carry a threat to the indigenous British people.

But this was not the case with the mass immigration of Moslem Pakistanis, even though the 1st generation did not (openly) show the fanatical, arrogant, violence- threatening traits we have come to know only too well from the rampages of the 2nd generation.

I could never understand why the French & British governments, after being shown the door by former colonies who had demanded Freedom from colonial rule, whether peacefully or violently, allowed the citizens of the newly liberated countries to retain their French & British citizenship.

These people had done everything to divest themselves of French & British rule, they had been prepared to kill & die to become self-ruling, free countries but their former colonial masters, instead of calling it a day & wishing them well, cravenly let them retain their citizenships thus opening themselves to mass immigration.

Sounds like the script for a French or British farce doesn't it? Except it was for real.

Someone out there must be, or should be, kicking themselves hard for having succumbed to such a 'brilliant' brainstorm....!

Anonymous said...

fuckin grow some balls poms and gun em down. vickers style.

evilislam said...

Like Professor Bernard Lwis(THE MASTERMINDE IF THE KHOMEINI'S IMPOSED ISLAMIC REVOLUTION ON US IRANIAN) said in 2004:By the end of this century the FLAG OF ISLAM would be at No 10 DonningSt.

The greatest mistake of The Brits and French was made in 1979 and like The Shah of Iran sais in his last interview: The Brits should know that by destroying my country they are actually digging their own GRAVE. and he was dead right.